Why Being a Christian Affects the Way I Eat and Feed My Family

5 Feb

Why Being a Christian Affects the Way I Eat and Feed My Family | WholeGreenLove.com


Breakfast Yogurt & Granola

3 Feb


Breakfast Yogurt & Granola | WholeGreenLove.com

Okay, so I know yogurt and granola can seem kind of boring, but when you spice it up with a new twist or flavor combination you can fall in love all over again.

If you are working with good quality ingredients, you’ll be amazed at how good something as simple as yogurt and granola can taste.

How to Eat Real Food While Traveling

28 Jan

Just after Christmas, our family went on a wonderful vacation to La Jolla, CA. What a beautiful place! The weather was so incredible. I honestly think that I would be a nicer person if I could start my morning with a walk along the coastline. When you are coming from Wisconsin’s ridiculously cold winters, it’s really something when there is no temperature change when you walk from inside to the outdoors.


It had been a really long time since Nic and I had traveled. Since our honeymoon, actually. While we’ve always eaten pretty healthy, we hadn’t taken a substantial trip (I don’t count weekend getaways to Door County and Lake Geneva as vacations) since we really cleaned up our diet and completely focus on real, whole foods. In fact, it’s been more than 10 years since I studied abroad in Australia and I still can look back now and remember not feeling the best, gaining a few pounds, and the crazy sugar cravings while I was there. There were lots of weekend trips of eating out, eating fast food to keep costs down (hey, we were college kids on a budget!), WAY too many alcoholic beverages, and food from a dining hall. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my body was not happy. Traveling and eating out can really do a number on you.

I wanted to make sure that we were mindful of eating well on our vacation to La Jolla, without being too obsessed or getting carried away with it. I wanted to pack smart snacks, stock up on a few items for our hotel room when we arrived, and pick some great places to eat out. My favorite part of traveling is trying new, local restaurants. Here’s how we kept our eating in tip top shape while on vacation: (more…)

Bing Cherry Tart with Mascarpone Cream

25 Jan

Bing Cherry Tart with Mascarpone Cream | WholeGreenLove.com

Over the holiday I tried a new dessert out…I mean come on, you have to stretch your comfort level sometimes, right?! I initially was going to make a plum tart because I knew Ryan’s mom would be a big fan of that, but I couldn’t find fresh or frozen plums anywhere in Jackson at the end of December. Ha!  It was a sign I needed to amp up my creativity and that’s where frozen bing cherries came into play. I was that weird person at the store walking around aimlessly trying to devise a plan when I had my light bulb moment/sigh of relief that they had what I needed.  Due to the nature of the winter season, I knew I’d be getting frozen bing cherries, but they worked perfectly and were quite tasty. (more…)

Allergen Free Snacks for Kids

17 Jan

Allergen Free Snacks for Kids | WholeGreenLove.com

Our daughter is getting to the age now where we are signing her up for activities and classes that put her in situations where she will be eating food that the outside world eats. Can you see my scared face from where you are sitting? (more…)