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Chicken, Lentil & Lemon Soup

23 Dec

Chicken, Lentil & Lemon Soup |


Baked Brie with a Maple Cranberry Sauce

20 Dec

Baked Brie with a Maple Cranberry Sauce |


Bacon & Cheese Quiche Lorraine

15 Dec

I decided to make a quiche for a breakfast date with a friend this past Saturday morning and had fun sifting through recipes to mix and match for my quiche creation.  I opted for something a little more traditional and chose to go with a Quiche Lorriane. I mean, come on…you can’t go wrong with cream, bacon, and cheese, right?

Quiche Lorraine |


How to Make Hot Chocolate in the Crock Pot

12 Dec

How to Make Hot Chocolate in the Crock Pot |

It sure is a shame that hot chocolate packets mixed with water still exist. Especially when the ingredients below are what is in an extremely popular hot chocolate mix. It took some serious searching for this information. After about 10 minutes of googling, I had to find the ingredients list from an independent website. Sadly, these companies don’t feel proud enough of their wholesome ingredients to give more information on their website.  (more…)

Easy Homemade Crème Brûlée

9 Dec

I have been on a crème brûlée kick lately and can’t stop making it! Help! I love creamy vanilla desserts and this definitely fits the bill.  Crème brûlée sounds like it is difficult to make, but once you realize how easy it really is, you may find it becomes a dessert staple in your house. Once you make it a few times you won’t even need a recipe to follow.  (more…)