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Allergen Free Snacks for Kids

17 Jan

Allergen Free Snacks for Kids |

Our daughter is getting to the age now where we are signing her up for activities and classes that put her in situations where she will be eating food that the outside world eats. Can you see my scared face from where you are sitting? (more…)

Homemade Swedish Meatballs

13 Jan

 Homemade Swedish Meatballs |

Need I say more? I mean…come on…who doesn’t love real Swedish meatballs? They are so stinkin’ good! Slightly time consuming to make, but so worth it. We made them this Christmas when Ryan’s parents came into town. Ryan’s heritage is strongly Swedish and Norwegian, so I always love trying to incorporate that into our holiday gatherings. His mom, Jayne, can make a mean Swedish pancake, which I always look forward to when we are visiting. Instead of a ham style Christmas dinner I thought I’d “God Jul” it up Swedish style with some Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam.  (more…)

Ginger Mint Margarita

6 Jan

Ginger Mint Margarita |

How obvious am I that I like margaritas? A little obvious? Super obvious? I really do love them. And they aren’t just a summer thing for me. Oh no. We mix those babies up all. year. long.


FREE New Year New You Online Conference!

4 Jan

UPDATE: Since publishing this post, the dates of the New Year New You Summit have been changed to January 20-24, 2014! You can find links and information below regarding this amazing online conference, but please note that the dates have changed!



Happy 2014 everyone! What better way than to start the year with a healthy living summit. Talk about getting your inspiration in check!

The New Year New You Summit is a FREE live online virtual conference that is being held from January 13-17, 2014. You can hear from 31 health enthusiasts; including doctors, bloggers, farmers and health activists all while hanging out in your own home. (more…)

Real Food Travel Snacks for Kids

31 Dec

Real Food Travel Snacks for Kids |

As we prepare for a family vacation, I’m already thinking about snacks to pack to keep a toddler nourished and content on a 4-ish hour flight and travel day. I want a good balance of snacks I know Lyla will love love love and also plenty of things to keep her bod healthy and her stomach content. Air travel during the winter months can mean exposure to sick people, so I want to make sure we keep our immune systems strong as well. Processed foods and too much sugar can do a number on the immune system, so we avoid that as much as possible. (more…)