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Fall into Health Bundle Deal!

2 Nov


It is that time of the season again for a sweet bundle deal!

Friday November 1st through Thursday November 7th you can purchase the healthy fall bundle valued at $2,000 for only $39!!

There is so much information packed into this bundle you just can’t go wrong with it!

The Fall Into Health Download Package includes:

48 e-books – $955 value

15 exclusive podcasts – $45 value

3 online video classes – $277 value

2 meal plans – $223 value

2 magazines – $63 value

21 discount coupons – Over $500 value




VGN Fall Bundle Sale |

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There are 48 e-books that review real food diets, TONS of recipes, staying healthy naturally, reversing food allergies, becoming toxic free and nourishing your metabolism.

VGN Fall Bundle |


If you are on the road to making healthy improvements in your life, whatever that may mean to you, you are bound to find some great information within this bundle that will speak to you.

DIY Honey Pumpkin Face Mask

27 Oct

I try to pamper my skin at least once a week with a nice, homemade face mask. I don’t like messing around with figuring out what ingredients are in the store bought varieties, and I’m a little cheap when it comes to pampering myself. So, the DIY face mask is always the way to go. This pumpkin version is perfect for this fall season. We use pumpkin in so many recipes this time of year that I always have a little extra in the fridge.

Honey Pumpkin Face Mask |

All of the ingredients in this recipe have a purpose in pampering your skin:

  • Pumpkin contains antioxidants and enzymes
  • The lactic acid in plain yogurt helps exfoliate the skin
  • Jojoba oil moisturizes without clogging pores
  • Honey is anti fungal and anti bacterial to reduce breakouts

Have you tried any of our other face mask recipes?

Blemish Busting Bentonite Clay Face Mask

Lavender Bentonite Clay Mud Mask

Cucumber Aloe Face Mask

Creamy Avocado Face Mask

How to Stain Wood Naturally with Coffee

14 Sep

I’m not really a crafty person.

But doesn’t pinterest make you feel like you can create anything? I’m embarrassed to say this, but most of the projects I find, Nic ends up doing most of the time. That’s so bad! But he’s so handy and good at creating things that it just ends up that way. I wouldn’t use the word “crafty” to describe Nic. More like a hands on-perfectionist-likes to get projects done, kind of guy. Love him.

So. I finally did a project on my own. I created a height chart for Lyla. She is growing so fast and is so tall (95 percentile – holla!) that I really wanted to start tracking her height. I saw some super cute wooden height charts on pinterest, mostly linking to I thought, c’mon, I can do this. I bought all the supplies – the board, paint, brush, and we already had the color stain I wanted to use. And then, six months went by.

Here is the thing with me and crafty projects: I hate starting something that I can’t finish RIGHT AWAY! Mom of a two year old + working + running a household= No time. That’s why I procrastinate on these things. But last weekend I started and finished Lyla’s height chart!

Not to toot my own horn (but I’m going to): I really liked how it turned out! Should I start selling these babies on etsy, or what?!

Height Chart |

(When we hang this on the wall, it will be mounted 6 inches from the floor. We just haven’t chosen a place for it yet.)

So, I finished this one and then thought it would have really been cool to stain it with a more natural option. I attempted creating my next height chart with a coffee stain.

How to Stain Wood Naturally with Coffee |

In my eyes (which really, really, really love dark wood stain), I wasn’t totally in love with the final product, even after four coats of the coffee stain. I want to be honest here and let you know that I did end up re-staining the board to get the dark color I desired.

Before & After Coffee Stain |

I still thought it was important to share this technique because:

  • There is a noticeable difference in the wood color (which I wish the before and after pictures better depicted), so if you are looking to stain wood and aren’t hoping for a very dark color, this might be a great option for you.
  • The staining process was much more enjoyable with the coffee vs. conventional oil based stain which is stinky and can really do damage if it accidently gets on a surface you didn’t want it to.
  • If you are pregnant, very sensitive to fumes, or need to stain something in an area that is not well ventilated, coffee stain may be the way to go.

Have you ever tried staining wood with anything other than a conventional stain? How did it turn out?

Simply Salads by Season – Don’t miss out on the eBook Bundle – Save 90% today!

8 Sep

You’ve heard us talk about this super awesome End of Summer eBook Bundle: 30 Real Food & Healthy Living eBooks for only $39 (a $650 value) and available only through Tuesday, September 10th. That is a 90% savings. Boom.

Simply Salads by Season (written by Kristen Michaelis from the blog Food Renegade) is one of my favorites in the bundle. In my opinion, it’s a perfectly put together book for quick and simple salads with a real food focus. This book is the best because:

  1. The recipe ingredients are all real food items.
  2. The book provides guidance on sourcing the best possible ingredients.
  3. Simply Salads is organized by seasonal ingredients, which makes meal planning easier and cost effective.

Simply Salads by Season

A few salad dressing recipes that caught my eye:

  • Homemade ketchup – used as an ingredient in some of the dressings or great as a condiment for anything else you are eating at home
  • Ranch dressing – no more bottled, store bought dressing or powdered “homemade” versions!
  • Dill vinaigrette – just yum.
  • Homemade Worcestershire sauce – which is super awesome because we put a dash of this in just about everything. The store bought version contains corn syrup or sugar from GMO sugar beets. No, thank you.

I looked especially close at the fall salad recipes since that is the season we are heading into. Apple cauliflower chopped salad, Avocado grape salad with pecans, and Kale & Brussels spouts salad, oh my! Just to name a few.

For just a short time, you can buy this book as a part of the End of Summer eBook Bundle – that is 30 eBooks for only $39! Less than $1.50 per book. Click here to check out the deal and the other great books that are included!


Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we use personally and/or believe will add value to our readers. we are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

DIY: How To Wash Your Washing Machine

3 Aug

I know…It seems silly, right?! By washing clothes you’d think you are in turn washing your washer, but in truth, even the machine that gets the job done needs a nice washing and a little TLC. Think of how many cycles of washing it has done and all of the fabrics it has rinsed clean. It makes sense that it would need a good soaking session by itself every once in a while to get any residue or build-up washed away.

DIY: How To Wash Your Washing Machine | WholeGreenLove

I had heard about cleaning your washing machine a while back and to be honest, I thought it was a good idea but didn’t see any urgency in trying it out. With how busy life can be you need to pick and choose your battles. We have an older non-HE washer and dryer set. I noticed with the past few loads of laundry that as I was pulling my freshly washed goods out to either hang up to dry or transfer over to the dryer and I could smell a musty smell. I have a really sensitive sniffer, so I thought I was just being over critical of my freshly washed clothes and that it was just a wet fabric smell. Nope. After a couple loads I realized my nose wasn’t lying. Gross. It was definitely time to wash my washer. Luckily, it’s super easy…I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this periodically to freshen it up. Oh well, now I know.

Detergents and softeners, especially ones with dyes or added perfumes, can leave extra grime in your washing machine, along with build up from dirty fabric. Another culprit for mold and mildew is damp laundry left overnight in the washer. All of that moister creates the perfect environment for stinky smells to thrive.

 DIY: How To Wash Your Washing Machine | WholeGreenLove

What can you do to keep your washer smelling fresh and clean?

  1. Once a month, run a cleaning cycle on your washing machine, or as needed.
  2. Don’t let wet clothes sit in your washer too long.
  3. Use only a small amount of natural detergent without dyes and synthetic perfumes. It’s better for you, the environment, and the washer.
  4. Leave the washer door open after cycles so it can dry out properly.
  5. Wipe out any visible residue as needed with a clean and reusable cloth to keep your washer in tip-top shape.

If you haven’t washed your washer before, no worries! I hadn’t either! This simple wash recipe and washer tips will have both your washer and clothing smelling fresh and clean. You can feel good about the ingredients you are using too, knowing that they are both effective cleaners and safe for you and the environment. I used eucalyptus for its nice clean scent, but also because of its anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree or lavender oil would be other essential oils that would work well for this too.

Do you routinely do a cleaning cycle with your washing machine?