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Receive great discounts on health and wellness products through VGN Premium!

11 Jun

Village Green Network (VGN) Premium is a new online discount club. It’s the perfect membership for foodies like you who are focused on the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family and want to save money while you’re at it. We know all too well that healthy food can get expensive, even when you follow those trusty “5 ways to save money on groceries” lists. When you’re buying real food (the good stuff!) the costs can add up. That’s why we are stoked to be a part of a membership club like VGN Premium.

VGN Premium Membership

Why should you sign up?

  • You will get coupons, sales, and shipping discounts to use on some of the best real foodie brands!
  • Available discounted products include kitchen appliances, high-quality organic products, cleaning products, coconut oil, fermented food starters, real food supplements, and more. The list of products and companies is always growing.
  • You will get member-only discounts (at least 25% off!) on e-books, meal plans, the VGN Summit, classes, and e-book bundles from the best real food bloggers out there!
  • You won’t have to worry about tracking down a great deal for the real food products you buy. With VGN Premium, there is always a sale!

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Get discounts from these trusted companies for high quality products:

VGN Premium Membership Brands

For only $5/month or $49/year, you will have access to all of the goodies listed above with the VGN Premium Membership.

If you get in early and sign up in the month of June, you can join VGN premium for 20% off!

That’s only $3.99/month or $39/year! Offer expires June 30th.

CLICK HERE to join MONTHLY or YEARLY – it’s up to you!

June Link Love

10 Jun

It’s that time again to share some blog love! Nothing like a one stop shop to be able to look through some cool blog posts. We hope you like the ones we picked too!

We usually try to share some fun pictures on our Link Love posts and I think the recent ones Ryan took while in Yellowstone National Park were too cute to pass up! Enjoy!

June Link Love | WholeGreenLove

This Orange Avocado Dressing looks amazing! Not to mention the salad recipe to go with it. I’m planning on making it this week for sure!

It is easy to get lazy or even forgetful with lunches packed at home. I love nothing more then getting to work and knowing I have an awesome lunch and snacks packed for the day. Here are 10 Essential Lunch Box Packing Tips that might help you out!

A Cheeseburger Frittata?! With Ryan’s love for cheeseburgers, I think this will have to be on our menu soon!

Baby animals are the best…so stinkin’ cute! Check out this baby lamb…aww!

It never hurts to be prepared and to have any “tips” ready for traveling successfully with children. Here are 6 Simple Tips for Traveling With Kids.

I don’t know about you, but opening a young coconut can be quite the challenge! Here is a great how to, that I’ve used before & it works great.

We’ve been trying to eat more fermented foods…here are 8 Reasons to Eat Fermented Foods!

Lavender Mint Soothing Herbal Body Butter…sign me up.

June Link Love | WholeGreenLove

I hope you all have had a good weekend and have been able to get out and enjoy this nice weather we’ve been having! Maybe you’ll be inspired to make or implement something from these lovely blogs in your life this week!

5 Children’s Books for Raising a Foodie

5 Apr

Raising a child who is compassionate, independent, honest, confident, and possesses a strong work ethic is something that my husband and I will strive for each day in raising our daughter. Lyla isn’t even two yet, but I know that the decisions we make every day, the way we talk to her and to each other, and the activities we engage her in shape her character and the person she will become.

Something else I want her to possess is a healthy relationship with food. I hope that she enjoys spending time in the kitchen and can learn from me the importance of cooking from scratch, family meals, and nourishing foods.

Am I capable of raising a child who loves fast food and everything processed?? Oh, I hope not! Talk about a nightmare.

5 children's books for raising a foodie kid

(Lyla looks really fancy here. She isn’t usually all dressed up like this. It was Easter morning.)

Lyla’s little library of books is extensive. And I’m thankful that she loves to read. We sit so long sometimes and just read book after book. It’s such a fun and relaxing time with her. So, of course, I sneak books in there that will cultivate her love for food. I mean, why not? Start them young, right? Here is a list of our favorite real foodie books.

  1. Growing Vegetable Soup discusses the process of growing a garden from seeds and sprouts, all the way to the exciting finish of preparing a meal with the food you helped grow in your own backyard.
  2. In the Garden (Sorry! I can’t find this one online to link to!) is an adorable book about children picking fruits and vegetables from bushes, stalks, vines, and trees. It is even printed on recycled material! This is a great book to introduce kids to the idea of having a garden in your backyard or picking fruit at a local farm.
  3. Big Red Barn. I love this book. It’s the perfect book to begin the discussion with your kids of where food comes from. The process of food certainly doesn’t start at the grocery store and a feedlot is not a normal environment for raising animals. The Big Red Barn paints a beautiful picture of animals living as animals should.
  4. What Color is Your Apple? explores the colors of many fruits and vegetables. This book includes real photos of the foods so your child can more easily identify new foods when they see them in real life. It’s fun to go through this book and ask, “what is your favorite vegetable on this page?” or “point to all of the foods that you have tasted before.”
  5. I like vegetables. This touch and feel book is wonderful for little ones, with bright pictures and great textures.

Which real food books do you share with your children?

This post was shared on Fat Tuesday.

Giveaway Day: $50 Gift Card to The Honest Company

1 Apr

Hello everyone! Laura and I have wanted to plan a nice giveaway and have been tossing around when we wanted to do it. Well, guess what?! We thought once we hit 2,000 Facebook fans, a giveaway would be the perfect celebration for all of our friends! Woohoo!

We will randomly select one winner and provide that lucky person with a $50 e-gift card to The Honest Company! If you haven’t heard about this company you should check it out. Jessica Alba created a line of personal care, baby, and eco-friendly home products. They are not only gentle on you and the planet, but they are affordable as well!


To sign up for this fabulous giveaway:

1. Sign up for our email subscription (you can do this in the right sidebar of our blog). If you are already subscribed, you can skip this step!

2. Activate your subscription when you receive the verification email. Your subscription must be active and verified when we pick the winner.

3. Comment on this post to tell us what your favorite safe/natural/green beauty product is!

Once you are subscribed, you will have a chance to win this great giveaway and now you won’t miss out on any of our new posts! You’ll get an update every time a new blog post is added to WholeGreenLove and can easily access it from your email account.


You must enter this giveaway by next Tuesday, April 9th at 12:00pm CST. We will send an email to the winner, announce it on Facebook, and update this post!

Just to recap:

Prize: $50 e-giftcard to The Honest Company

To Enter: Subscribe to our newsletter and comment on this post to let us know what your favorite safe/natural/green beauty product is!

Deadline: This giveaway closes on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 12:00pm CST.

Number of winners: One

Other info to know: Only one entry per email address will be accepted. Come right back here for our winner announcement!

We want to thank you for sharing in our whole health and wellness journey and we appreciate you all!

Good Luck!


Joanna & Laura


**We have randomly selected our giveaway day winner! Please look at your email to see if it’s your lucky day! Thanks to all who have participated! **

Register for the Healthy Life Summit for FREE!

15 Mar

8549151709_24a5a3c22cWe are super excited to be a part of promoting the Healthy Life Summit, which is streaming for FREE from March 24th – 30th! This summit was organized by the blog network we are a part of, Village Green Network.

The Healthy Life Summit is a FREE 7-day, online virtual conference that features speakers like Sally Fallon Morell, Joel Salatin, Donna Gates, Daniel Vitalis, Matt Stone, Julia Ross, and Chris Kresser (and 28 more). You can see the full list of speakers here.

I jump up and down and shout “woohoo!” in my mind every time I look at the line-up of this awesome event! There are 5 tracks of topics: Healthy Eating, Healthy Body, Healthy Babies & Kids, Healthy Living, and Healthy World.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Traditional food diets
  • How to transition your family to real food
  • Techniques for making real food easy and affordable
  • Why preconception and pregnancy diets matter
  • The dangers of GMO foods
  • How to make homemade beauty products that are safe enough to eat
  • Sustainable, grass-fed agriculture and why it’s important to your health

I just did a little SQUEEEEE inside because I’m so excited about this conference. I literally cannot contain myself!

This is sweet because nowhere else could you listen to this incredible lineup of speakers and topics for FREE. If you have a life anything like mine though, you won’t be available to hang out and listen to this streaming for the full week of March 24th.

For that reason, consider preordering the download to the entire Healthy Life Summit for only $49 until March 23, 2013. By preordering, you will be able to listen to this whenever and wherever you want.

If you wait to order the Healthy Life Summit download until the conference is over, it will cost $199. Boo.

Preorder today at 75% off that price – just $49!

How does this work?

  1. Click here to register today! You will get email updates to let you know more information about when you can listen to your favorite speakers and catch all of the topics you don’t want to miss!
  2. Preorder the download package today so that you get the super reduced price of $49 (that is 75% off the actual price!) In all, the download includes 35 audio recordings and 35 video slideshows.
  3. Download the full conference package on March 24th! You can certainly listen to the conference via live stream, or just listen at your leisure!


This guy, Joel Salatin, is seriously my favorite. Has anyone else read any of his books? “Folks, This Ain’t Normal!” is so great!

The Healthy Life Summit is all of our favorite topics wrapped into one amazing event! We hope you’ll join us!