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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

23 Nov

It is that time of year to celebrate, spend quality time with loved ones, cook amazing meals together, and at some point it usually involves a thoughtful gift or two. I must say that holidays have gotten, to some extent, overly materialistic. Not that I don’t buy presents, but it’s that so much focus has been put on presents…and LOTS of them! It’s nice to hold onto the true spirit of the holidays and share that celebration with your friends and family.  All that being said, it feels good to give someone you love something special that you know they could use and will really enjoy.

Holiday Gift Ideas |

We wanted to put a few items together that may help give you great gift ideas for all the sweet people in your life.

Ecojarz stainless steel small mouth mason jar lid with stainless steel straw and cleaning brush. These are awesome gift ideas – perfect for on-the-go drinks, or fresh-juiced produce. You can feel good not using any plastic materials and know that the taste of whatever you are drinking isn’t going to taste like the bottle you are drinking it out of. Click HERE to view. HERE are some Ball canning jars to go with them. These canning jars are perfect to package a gift in too…i.e. bath salts, dry baking goods, DIY manicure kit…this list could go on forever.

Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil… you need to make sure that you are getting this for the right person who will appreciate it, ha! Click HERE to view.

A Kombucha starter kit is another great idea. Click HERE to view.

Nourishing Traditions Cookbooks. Click HERE and HERE to view.

I LOVE our cast iron skillets that were my grandmas. You can do so much with them! Click HERE to view.

It is amazing how often I use an immersion blender in my kitchen. It makes blending so quick and has easy clean up. Click HERE to view.

Yaktrax are great for people who live in snowy and or icy areas. You can slip them over your shoes for a steady and non-slipping hike or walk to the store. Click HERE to view.

These Thermos‘ are the best. They keep stuff warm or cold for hours. Click HERE to view.

Succulents are so beautiful! How fun to create little succulent pots for friends & family! Click HERE to view.

Terrariums would be a great gift idea. Whether it’s a book to make them, or you are feeling crafty and design them as gifts! Click HERE  and HERE to view.

Some larger gifts may be more of a gift you give yourself and your family…

The Berkey water filtration system has been on our radar for a a while now. Click HERE to view.

A good juicer is a great investment for your health. We have a Breville Juicer that works well. Click HERE to view.

I dream of owning a Vitamix blender…from what I have heard they are AMAZING. Click HERE to view.

Speaking of great kitchen pots & pans…the Le Creuset French Ovens and Dutch Ovens are amazing. Click HERE and HERE to view.

KitchenAid mixers are great, I use mine quite frequently in both cooking and baking. Click HERE to view.

The best gift you can give is a “gift of time” as my Aunt Nancy puts it. I love that thought and it is so perfectly true. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family you love them, make the time to spend with them, and enjoy each others company…that’s what life is about.

Happy holiday planning everyone!

How to Make a Moscow Mule

10 Nov

Moscow Mule |

Not too long ago my good friend, Monica, introduced me to the Moscow Mule cocktail. I remember having a little laugh when she ordered it for us, and being intrigued by the name (I can be sold on things pretty easily sometimes, ha). It was so good! I’m not a big fan of really sweet drinks, or strong tasting drinks. This one was just right: a little sweet and a little sour. Magic in a cup.

Moscow Mule |

Apparently the development of this drink happened around 1941 when a ginger beer producer and two other alcohol distributors got together in Manhattan and mixed vodka with ginger beer and lime.  It was named a Moscow Mule, which was appropriately fitting “Moscow” for the Russian origin of Vodka and “Mule” for a mule or buck cocktail.  I had never heard of a drink called that either, but this is when a hard alcohol is mixed with ginger ale, ginger beer, or a citrus juice.

Moscow Mule |

Some restaurants will even serve these delightful drinks in a copper mug…fun right? As far as this copper mug history is concerned, it was more of a marketing gimmick than anything, but hey…who doesn’t like drinking out of a fun glass?!

Moscow Mule |

If you can’t find ginger beer, a ginger ale will work just fine. I do, however, like the taste better with ginger beer. It has a stronger ginger flavor that is oh, so, tasty. Some people don’t add the mint to their mules, but I love the added minty flavor.

Moscow Mule |

This recipe is so easy to throw together and is a fun drink to share when you have company over. You can easily adapt the ratios to make the perfect Moscow Mule for anyone’s liking. I thought I’d share this before the holiday season was in full gear. It’s great for when friends and family are visiting! Enjoy!

Fall into Health Bundle Deal!

2 Nov


It is that time of the season again for a sweet bundle deal!

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VGN Fall Bundle Sale |

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There are 48 e-books that review real food diets, TONS of recipes, staying healthy naturally, reversing food allergies, becoming toxic free and nourishing your metabolism.

VGN Fall Bundle |


If you are on the road to making healthy improvements in your life, whatever that may mean to you, you are bound to find some great information within this bundle that will speak to you.

Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix

24 Oct

Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix  |

Most of you probably do this already, but if you don’t frequent your bulk goods aisle…you need to. One of my favorite things to do is to mix and match nuts and dried fruits to make my own trail mix. If you browse down a grocery store aisle of pre-packaged nut mixes, most of the time you will find hefty prices on SMALL bags of nut mixes that usually are loaded with mostly peanuts. You might also find that there are other preservatives or ingredients that you wouldn’t think you’d find in something as simple as trail mix.

Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix |

Instead of a candy jar, we keep a trail mix jar out on our counter top. It’s a healthy go-to snack any time of day and is perfect if you are looking for something quick to fuel up with.  Our trail mix dish is ever changing and depending on what looks good in the bulk section, that’s what ends up in our dish. For people shopping with children, this can be a fun opportunity for them to help pick out new flavor combinations. You can be as traditional or exotic as you’d like. The one I am sharing with you today is simplistic and YUMMY!

Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix  |

Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix  |

It’s nice to be able to control what is going into your trail mix and the ratios. Don’t feel like you have to have all equal parts. By making your own mix, you can cater to your palate’s liking. One of my favorite ingredients to add to trail mix is shaved, dried coconut. I love the texture and it gives it a nice pop of tropical flavor.

The next time you are shopping for trail mix, have a little fun and mix and match your own. You’ll get more for your money and you won’t go back to those pre-packaged bags again.

A Simple Recipe for Fresh Green Juice

13 Oct

Juicing fruits and vegetables can seem overwhelming, cumbersome, and just not that tasty at times. It’s one of those healthy food options that can become TOO healthy and ends up with a not so palatable flavor. Nothing’s worse than spending time picking out new produce for a juice recipe, washing and cutting your goods so they fit nicely in the juicer opening, and then cleaning all the separate pieces of your juicing machine afterwards, only to find out that your juice isn’t even all that good!

Simple Fresh Green Juice | WholeGreenLove

Well, this recipe uses easy to find produce, has a mix of fruits and vegetables, and is quite tasty if I do say so myself! It has been my go-to juicing recipe since Ryan and I moved to Jackson. Plus, I love that Ryan is a fan of it too! If you are new to juicing or need a juicing makeover, this recipe might do the trick for you.

Simple Fresh Green Juice | WholeGreenLove

You may look at your swampy green juice and question it’s taste, but it truly is light and flavorful. Just think of all the healthy antioxidants loaded in that green goodness! I hope this recipe gets you revved up to juice for the first time or gets you back into juicing if it’s been on your back burner for a while. Bottoms up!