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18 Nov

Winter is in full gear here in Jackson…Brr! It went from warm fall to frigid cold with lots of snow nearly over night! That being said though, it definitely got me in the holiday spirit. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is a week away and then the magic happens with the Christmas season. I LOVE this time of year. Nostalgia fills your heart, you reflect on life and remember what is truly important…family, friends, and good food.

To get in the holiday spirit, my good friend Michelle, who happens to be a florist in town, gave me a DIY tutorial on how to make a pumpkin floral arrangement that would be perfect for Thanksgiving dining table décor. Plus, it’s just a fun project to get you in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

I can’t say I’ve ever “stuffed” a pumpkin with flowers, but there is a first time for everything. With the guidance of Michelle’s expertise our pumpkin vases turned out beautiful! They were easy to make and with a few simple supplies you can whip one up too!

Supply List:

–       Pumpkins (large or small depending on what sized arrangement you want)

–       Carving knife

–       Scissors

–       Spoon

–       Small/medium sized cup (that fits carved pumpkin opening)

–       Bucket or kitchen sink

–       Green floral foam

–       Mix of flowers and foliage (dried leaves and feathers would be fun too)

Floral Foam in place…ready to start our masterpieces!


1) Take your pumpkin and carve a hole in the top the size of your cup rim. You want the cup to sit flush and snuggly in the opening…no wiggle room.

2) Scoop out all of the guts and pumpkin seeds (yay for roasting later!)

3) Take your bucket and fill with water or plug your kitchen sink and place your floral foam in water to submerge.

4) You are going to want to carve wedges of your waterlogged floral foam to fit tightly into your cup. A tight fit will keep your flowers in place once you get to that fun step.

5) Take your foam filled cup and place it in the opening you created in the pumpkin. It should be snug.

6) A few general rules: You’ll want to place at least 1.5-2 inches of your stem into the foam so its secure and supported. If it’s a thick stem you can whittle it narrower to secure in the foam. Also, clean the lower stem of leaves that is secured into the foam.

7) Start with your foliage around the border of where your arrangement will go. Don’t be shy!

8) Add a couple larger more “centerpiece” flowers to the top of your arrangement and then fill in with smaller flowers and a few sprigs of foliage.

9) It doesn’t have to be perfectly organized or even…get creative with your design.

10) You can add any additional décor such as leaves, or feathers at the end of making your arrangement…essentially creating “the cherry on top” of your decoration piece.

Placing the foliage around the border of the pumpkin. Loved all the different textures!

You can pick up a mix of flowers and foliage from your local florist, or even easier – stop at the grocery store and grab some flower bundles that you can pull apart and recreate into a new masterpiece. If you don’t like the way a flower is facing or which flowers it is next to, you can easily move or reposition the flower because of that foam you are placing it in.

Placing the largest flowers first, to then work around them with smaller flowers.

Final touches!

Michelle’s finished product! She got fancy with floral wire and added her pumpkin top to her design. So pretty 🙂

My finished project!

I had so much fun creating these and Michelle was such a great instructor to have! This was a great holiday activity and different from any flower arranging I’ve ever done. Have fun making yours and be sure to send us a picture!

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