Crock Pot Yogurt | Whole Green Love

17 Jan

We are totally and completely into yogurt in our house. Whether I’m spooning it over fruit and granola for breakfast, adding it to my smoothies after a great workout, or pouring it atop enchiladas in place of sour cream, we seriously cannot get enough. And why not eat plenty of it? It’s packed with calcium, protein, and that good-for-you bacteria that keeps your gut super healthy.

Since I’m a real stickler about buying organic dairy products, especially milk and yogurt, we were spending a minimum of $20 a month on yogurt. Not cool. And we were going through it so fast that I could barely keep enough in the fridge. Like pretty much any food in our house, when I see that we are eating something like crazy and spending enough money on it, I learn how to make it myself. Here’s how you can too…

  1. Pour a half gallon (8 cups) of milk into a crock pot and set on low for 2 ½ hours.

Let’s take a timeout for a second here and talk about the milk. If you choose to buy organic milk, that’s great. If not, that’s okay too. Just be sure to choose milk that is pasteurized, but not ultra pasteurized. This is important. I read that you could use any type of milk except skim. Anyway, who doesn’t like full fat yogurt? Just do it. It’s delicious. Full fat all the way baby.

  1. After your 2 ½ hours on low is up, unplug your crock pot and let it sit for 3 hours. Don’t remove the lid, there is nothing exciting going on inside yet. Believe me. Just leave the lid on to keep the heat in.
  2. Remove two cups of warm-ish milk from your crock pot and whisk in ½ cup yogurt. This could be store bought yogurt (FYI – I accidentally bought a little container of fat free yogurt to start a batch of crock pot yogurt, which did not work) or once you’ve made your own batch of yogurt, you could use a ½ cup of that as your starter for the next batch.
  3. Pour your milk and yogurt mixture back into your crock pot with the rest of the milk and whisk to combine. Put the lid back on and cover your crock pot with a couple of big towels to insulate it.
  4. Let sit for 8-10 hours.

That’s it! I hope this doesn’t sound too putsy to people. While you do need to do this process while you have a day at home or when you will be in and out at your scheduled unplugging and whisking appointments, you’re pretty much just letting your crock pot do the work. Sorry about the super boring picture.  You can’t really see milk in a white crock pot when you take a picture of it and I should have dressed up this big bowl of yogurt…but I didn’t!

I figured out that I’m saving about $15 each month by making this on my own, which is pretty sweet. That’s a lot of coupon clipping…that I don’t have to do…

I’ve trained my taste buds to be cool with plain yogurt, but if you like flavored yogurt or something sweeter trying stirring in a little honey, homemade jam, pumpkin puree, or other natural sweetener. Also, this homemade variety tends to not be as thick as store bought yogurt. To fix this problem, I bought 3 gallon coffee filters from a local restaurant supply store and just strain the yogurt if I’m looking for a thicker consistency.

Homemade + saving money + organic + healthy = Love.

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