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6 Dec

If this post makes no sense, I’m sorry. It’s because I’m sick right now. I’ve been fighting a cold or something worse for the past two days. Could the snot in my nose be making me delirious? I feel that way. Anyhow, I wanted to spend some time today talking about the beauty of butter. We already know it tastes unbelievable. Did you also know it was good for you? I was reading one of my new favorites recently, the Well Being Journal. The article titled “Butter: It’s Good For You” spoke to me and confirmed some things I already knew. For more, read this article about how butter leads to lower blood fats than olive oil.

5 Reasons your body needs butter.

  1. Your body needs fats to absorb fat soluble vitamins you consume, like vitamin A, D, E, and K. Think non-fat or low-fat salad dressing is a good idea? Think again. If you want to absorb all of the nutrients from your lusciously green and veggie-loaded salad, opt for something with full fat like a high quality extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Much better than fake salad dressing made with vegetable oil, preservatives, and artificial flavoring.
  2. Do you remember hearing that canola oil was good for you? Yeah, not so much. I have my degree in health promotion and wellness and that’s what I was taught in school too. Canola oil was once touted as a great option for high temperature cooking. Among other problems with canola oil, when it is heated to a high temperature you are creating trans fats in your very own kitchen. Scary!
  3. Butter is high in vitamin A (and very easily absorbed from butter) and vitamin E, which protect against heart disease and support the thyroid.
  4. Fat and cholesterol are important for brain health, especially in children whose brains are growing at a rapid rate. Give those synapses some butter love!
  5. Butter provides the body with cancer preventing conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Butter is a lovely thing. Especially when it comes from pastured cows.

At what point did we think it was a good idea to alter a naturally delicious and amazing thing? In a culture where low fat frozen TV dinners, spray butter, non-fat everything is normal, we are far from the goodness of butter, lard, and coconut oil. We’ve been fooled into thinking that what people were eating for years and years and years was somehow inferior to what we could create in a lab. I’m sure there are many things we can link to the fact that our population is sicker than ever, but could the types of fats we are eating be one reason? Is it a coincidence that between 1920 and 1960 our consumption of butter dropped from 18 pounds per year to 4 pounds, and during that same time heart disease went from a virtually unknown disease to a number one killer?

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