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13 Apr

I thought it would be very fitting to talk about your dog’s diet today. We had a mishap with our german shepherd on Monday and she decided to taste, or should I say eat, all of those beautiful egg seedlings I posted about on Sunday! That’s right, she ate every last one of them and left a mess of dirt on the floor that Ryan, bless his heart, cleaned up. Who would have thought eggshells, dirt, and seeds would sound appetizing to a pooch? She’s like a goat! I think she’d eat a tin can if she could! HA!

With all of this thought about what dogs eat, I came across a great article in my Natural Dog magazine. I love this magazine for its holistic approach to doggie wellness along with its great stories and fantastic dog pictures. For any dog lover out there, this magazine is sure to find a warm and fuzzy place in your heart. It has some great informational articles as well that you can apply to your pups life if you so please. I like a mag that can have all of these qualities.

The article that really stood out to me in this issue was talking about your dog’s diet. It showed how easy it can be to help improve the quality of nutrition they are taking in with their daily meals. It was titled, Variety is the Spice of Life, which was very fitting for the information it presented.  It discussed the health improvements that can be seen in dogs that are fed their traditional quality dry dog food diet along with the rotating addition of fresh, healthy foods in their dish.  I liked that they had input from veterinarians who supported this type of diet, along with pet success stories of eating this way. Something else I found pretty sweet was the fact that there isn’t much different you have to do as your pup’s chef. It’s as simple as adding a few fun veggies, fruit, dairy, or protein to their dish of commercial dog food.

We have always given our dogs healthy “human treats” they love like baby carrots, apples, bananas, you name it and they’ll probably eat it. I mean, Denali will even go as far as eating dirt stuffed eggshells! When you think about it, it must get pretty boring eating the same meal day in and day out…could you imagine? Putting in a few extra treaties during each meal can add variety for their palate along with providing a little bonus to their nutritional intake.  I have found our dogs love a little plain yogurt with nearly any fruit or veggie sprinkled in.

Homemade diets for dogs can be tedious and very time consuming. I thought this was a great idea for the everyday person who is looking to make their pups a little healthier and happier without all the fuss homemade diets can have. If you are wondering what is safe for your pooch to eat you can check out the ASPCA website. They have a great review of foods to avoid with your pet. Your dog is bound to give you a little extra TLC after this diet change. Who wouldn’t want a few extra kisses and pooch snuggles!

Let us know what you have tried adding to their diets. We ‘d love to hear!

As a side note: If you know your dog is sensitive to new foods you may want to introduce them one at a time to determine how they tolerate them. Here’s to a happy and healthy dog!

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