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17 Oct

In my quest for non-toxic, mama, baby, and earth friendly products, I discovered a company I’m crazy about – Earth Mama Angel Baby. Click here to read about their amazing nipple butter I raved about. Their product offerings range from items for pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum, your baby, your family, and even products in times of the loss of your baby. Their products I’ve tried are great, not to mention that their packaging and packing materials are recyclable or reused/reusable. We’re super excited to offer our readers a giveaway opportunity for an Earth Mama Angel Baby product I love!

Earth Mama Angel Baby sent me their Mama Bottom Balm for free to give it a whirl! For all you mamas out there, you know that giving birth is hard work and it definitely leaves certain areas of your body super sore! I mean, let’s be real – you pushed a baby out of there! Eight weeks postpartum, and I’m still healing from giving birth to my beautiful Lyla. I sure wish I would have known about this product (and also Earth Mama’s New Mama Bottom Spray) earlier on! Not to get too personal (but I’m about to!), this balm feels incredible! It literally feels like those ice pack pads that I was hoarding from the hospital, but way less uncomfortable when you’re sitting! Its soothing ingredients include witch hazel, calendula, St. Johns wort, and shea butter, with olive oil as the products’ base. Any mom also knows that being on your feet too much soon after having a baby can make things really sore! When all I wanted to do was get outside for some fresh air and take a walk with my baby, the Mama Bottom Balm was perfect to keep things moisturized. My bottom thanked me! After that area of your body has already gone through some serious trauma and needs some major TLC, why add to the problem with smearing something toxic on your body?

Next child around, I will most definitely give the New Mama Bottom Spray a try since early postpartum, the last thing you want to do is rub anything down there. The spray sounds perfect for that situation…if you know what I mean! And then graduating to the balm sounds like a plan to me. I tried those little witch hazel pads, but the cooling feeling of the Mama Bottom Balm lasted much longer than the pads.

Now time for the giveaway deets. Please don’t shy away from entering this giveaway if you are not a new or future mama! This product is great for ANYone dealing with hemorrhoids (thank God I avoided THAT problem!) or achy bottom problems. Men out there – be sure to enter for your current or future baby mama!

Prize: Mama Bottom Balm

To Enter: Comment on this post by answering the question, “What is your go-to remedy when you are looking to relax and soothe yourself?” and include the words “Earth Mama” somewhere in your post. Example:

I love a cup of tea to relax at the end of a long day. Earth Mama!

Deadline: This Earth Mama giveaway closes on Friday, October 21th at 8pm CST.

Number of winners: One

Other info to know: Only one entry per email address will be accepted. We will choose the winner using random.org and announce the winner on Saturday. Come right back here for our announcement! Good luck to all!

Prizes can be shipped to US and Canadian addresses only. Sorry Mumbai mamas!

Disclaimer: Earth Mama Angel Baby provided this product for my review at no cost and according to FTC Guidelines.


Thank you to everyone who participated and to Earth Mama Angel Baby for providing this lovely product! Our lucky winner (selected by random.org) of the Earth Mama Angel Baby goodie is Amy D! Congrats! Be sure to let us know how you like it!