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11 Feb

We belong to a fabulous blogging community called Village Green Network. It’s a group of bloggers that focus on natural food and healthy lifestyles. On the days Joanna and I are feeling a little defeated that our non-mainstream nutrition beliefs are so far from the norm, we connect with our peeps at VGN. They are wonderfully inspirational people who are just as crazy passionate as we are about real food and living the healthiest life possible.

Recently, fellow VGN blogger Kristen from Food Renegade published a book called Beautiful Babies: Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Baby’s First Foods. From going through the whole pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding experience myself, I wish I would have had this book then…

Beautiful Babies is a wonderful resource that explores the benefits of traditional foods as it relates to optimal fertility, a healthy pregnancy, successful breastfeeding, and thriving babies.

This is a lovely book, not to mention the moving forward by Joel Salatin, a champion in the sustainable food movement. He sheds light where most do not; that we alone are responsible for our health and wellbeing. Our babies, even before they are conceived and born into this world are dependent on what we make in our kitchens and put into our bodies. We cannot afford to wait around for our nations food marketers to lead us in the right direction and for government institutions to change the dietary guidelines. It’s up to us to challenge these mainstream recommendations.

Did you know?

  • A 2007 study conducted at Harvard University found that women who consumed skim milk and low fat dairy products had an 85% higher infertility rate than women who consumed whole fat dairy.
  • Research conducted by Dr. Weston A. Price found cultures that remained true to their traditional diets which included bone broths and fermented foods, and avoided refined grains, sugars, and vegetable oils were unaffected by dental decay and deformities.
  • Recent studies show that women with high blood serum levels of vitamin D reduced their risk of premature birth by half.
  • 80% of the food in your grocery store contains GMO (genetically modified) ingredients and that mice fed GMO corn showed abnormal structural changes to their organs. These changes resulted in a serious increase in infertility, among other health consequences. (Sources to this information can be found in Beautiful Babies)

Beautiful Babies will challenge your current thinking related to healthy eating and nutritional guidelines, but it’s good stuff! It includes great information to anyone considering conceiving within the next few years and for those with children who are looking to incorporate traditional, real food ways of eating to offer the best possible nourishment to your family. I’m hooked on this book.

I was super sick during my first trimester when I was pregnant with Lyla, so I totally soaked up the section on how to prevent morning sickness. Something in this book will surely hit home for you, whether you have already given birth to your own babies or you are preparing for your first pregnancy. Plus, Part 2 of the book includes recipes to get you off on the right track with preparing nourishing, real food meals.

Beautiful Babies will be available on Amazon on March 15, 2013, but you can pre-order the book today. Pre-ordering this book means that you will also receive the complete online E-course of the Beautiful Babies class (a $199 value), just by spending $15.51 on the book. You can read more about the Beautiful Babies E-course here.

*If you plan to order this book and wish to receive the free online E-Course of Beautiful Babies, email Kristen at booklaunch@foodrenegade.com with a copy of your Amazon sales receipt. She will verify your purchase and provide you with the coupon code for the free enrollment to the class.

In full disclosure, WholeGreenLove is an affiliate seller of this book (and other books published by members of Village Green Network). We earn a percentage of the book sales if they are purchased through WholeGreenLove. That said, Joanna and I only mention books and products on our blog if we are totally into them. We pass up promotional opportunities often and do it because we either don’t agree with or don’t feel the book/product is a good fit for our audience. If a book publisher comes to us with an affiliate opportunity that doesn’t fit with what we stand behind or our wellness beliefs, we are happy to pass it by even if that means we are missing out an a monetary gain.