Whole Green Love | Monthly Archive | August

29 Aug

One of our favorite magazines is Whole Living! It’s chock full of articles, products, recipes, and general topics that fall precisely in line with what we are all about here at WholeGreenLove. We also love that the products they promote span a wide range of price points, making their suggestions great for everyone. I feel fortunate that Nic and I have not been immediately affected by this economic downturn. We are blessed to have jobs that have remained secure and our saving savvy mindset has helped us stick to our budget. Sometimes though, you just need to splurge…

Nothing beats a day at the spa! Fluffy robes, zen music, relaxing massage oil, and “Yes, I will take a slice of lemon AND cucumber in my water” kind of days are enough to make me a new and revitalized woman. But I’ll be honest, mid-way through my massage, I have been known to stress a bit about the hefty cost that comes along with the whole mind blowing-ly tranquil day. Stressed? During a massage? Yup, only me.

So I was pretty pumped to stumble upon the “Balancing Yogurt Mask” in an issue (April 2010) of Whole Living. This do-it-yourself concoction was amazing, simply because I had all of the ingredients already stocked in my kitchen to get the party started.

C’mon, your skin is calling for a little TLC. Get your DIY on and whip up this Balancing Yogurt Mask.

What you will need:

1 egg white

1 tsp steeped green tea

½ Tbsp plain organic yogurt

2 Tbsp oatmeal, finely ground

½ tsp honey

Whip up the egg white until foamy. In another bowl, mix 1 tsp green tea and 2 Tbsp oatmeal (I used a coffee grinder to get the oatmeal finely ground). Combine with the egg white, yogurt, and oatmeal; mix in honey. Apply the mask to your skin and leave on for 8 to 10 minutes, then rinse.

Please note: Unless you have a garbage disposal in your bathroom sink (um, I don’t), I would recommend wiping some of this mask off with facial tissue before rinsing it down the drain.

I loved how my skin felt when I rinsed this off. My face felt so moisturized, even before I lubed up with lotion post-pampering. The oatmeal works to gently exfoliate, yogurt closes up your pores, honey has antibacterial properties, and green tea can rock your bod with antioxidants inside and out. This mask was so quick to whip together, the ingredients were things I had in the house, and it’s so natural you could eat it (if it wasn’t for the raw egg)! Stay tuned for the details of the “Skin Brightening Mask” (found on Whole Living’s website) that Joanna tried.

Do you have any great do-it-yourself pampering recipes that you can share with us?