Whole Green Love | Monthly Archive | April

27 Apr

I was bumming around Whole Foods the other day after work. I needed to get a few items for the house, but let’s be real…I needed a little Whole Foods therapy. It’s like any worries or stressors you carry with you from the day just vanish when you glide up that escalator and are met by fantastic flowers for your viewing and sniffing pleasure. Love. They must have just received a shipment of GORGEOUS orchids (my fav). I was mesmerized by those beauts!

Anyhoo, of course I meandered over to the body section, another love in that store (I have lots), and decided I needed to get a little treat for myself. I am finishing up with class projects and papers right now in my graduate classes and thought I owed it to myself for a little home spa pleasure (validation right?!). I found an awesome product (fancy that), which is made in Waconia, Minnesota…not too far from home!

The company is called SunLeaf Naturals and was founded by a chemist in 2007 who was tired of all the traditional synthetic and petrochemical laden products that were out on the market. She created a line of soaps, pillar candles, reed diffusers, and body balm that are made from simply pure, natural ingredients…who would have thought?! Inspired by Mother Nature herself, SunLeaf Naturals is committed to pure plant derived ingredients: no synthetics, preservatives, or petrochemicals and minimal and compostable packaging. Did I mention how fantastic everything smells?

I purchased the clarysage and lavender shampoo and body soap. I was going for a light and relaxing aroma. I was super impressed with the ingredients list: olive, coconut, castor, avocado, and hemp seed oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, and 100% pure essential oils.  It lathered up like a charm and filled my whole bathroom with a delightfully intoxicating aroma. Talk about a spa aromatherapy session! Not to mention it leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated. You can even see little pieces of the lavender mixed into the bar of soap. Love it! This was the perfect way to unwind from a long day, without that spa price tag. It’s amazing what a little bar of soap can do for the whole mind and body relaxation.

SunLeaf Naturals has a very user friendly website that has more information about their products and company. You can see where their products can be purchased throughout the United States. I’m thinking about going back and purchasing another bar of soap to cut up and use as sachets in our drawers. I can’t get enough of that amazing smell. I hope I have inspired you to create your own spa experience right in your own bathroom. You are going to be scrubbin’ up anyways, why not make it a spa sensation?

Let us know how you make your shower or bath your own spa creation!