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6 Mar

Our post last week about the disappointing truth behind America’s orange juice was a great reminder that our food supply is altered beyond what most of us feel comfortable with. If I’m picking out orange juice for my family, I’d like to think I’m choosing the freshest product possible. The truth is that unless you are squeezing it yourself, you just won’t know.

We got a lot of great feedback from our readers about the post. A few commented that what we described was over exaggerated simply because the orange juice you buy in the store does originally come from real oranges and that the additives and flavorings are derived from the essence of orange. While these things may be true, the point is that what we’re getting in the grocery store still isn’t what we are lead to believe we are buying. The orange juice label should really include a big shiny vat of orange juice being stored and labeled “not fresh” and “flavor added” to paint a clearer picture.

So if your intention is to give your body a fresh squeezed, raw food delight in the form of a small glass of orange juice, you just aren’t doing that.

Our bodies thrive on real, whole foods. We all know that foods that haven’t been processed are best for our bodies, but are you eating enough raw foods?

What is the definition of raw food?

Raw foods are foods that have not been heated to a temperature higher than 110°F.

Raw foods contain more essential fatty acids, beneficial enzymes, and amino acids that can be destroyed in the cooking process. Source.

Some people think that all foods should be consumed raw. I’m a believer that our diets should include plenty of raw foods, like fruits and vegetables, but that some foods are best eaten cooked: grains, beans, legumes, and meat, for example. Read about the benefits of soaking certain foods before cooking to get the best nutrition from the foods, from Nourished Kitchen.

Want to get more raw foods in your diet?

  • Eat plenty of leafy green salads topped with raw veggies
  • Do not cook with olive oil. Use it only to drizzle on things like bread and salads.
  • Do not purchase juice from the grocery store. Fresh squeeze it yourself or use your juicer to juice fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Raw milk is not legal in our great state of Wisconsin, but raw milk or a low pasteurized milk includes more of the enzymes our bodies need for digestion
  • Snack on raw nuts

How do you make sure you’re getting enough raw foods in your diet? Do you use your juicer often?

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