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10 Aug

I love keeping things simple in life. Especially with all the ways we tend to make life more complex or difficult.  Don’t get me wrong complexity and challenges can be and are great, but sometimes we just need to let an orange be an orange. Yep, that’s right. I have a super simple fruity drink recipe to share. I was inspired by a tasty fresh squeezed orange drink that I had recently at the Vail farmers’ market. I gave my orange guy a little twist with its citrus friend the lime. I think you’ll find it fruity fresh and fantastic!

This recipe is so simple to squeeze together! I didn’t have a handheld citrus juicer, so I stopped by Target to see what I could find in the juicing department. They had a great Kitchen Aide manual juicer. I thought this would be a great alternative to my big automatic juicer, especially clean up.  For one serving I juiced 2 oranges and a quick little squeeze, or only one twist on the juicing knob. A little rinsey poo of the juicer and clean up is done!

You don’t realize freshness until you taste it! Real orange juice, not from concentrate, tastes good, but fresh squeezed is a whole new taste bud treat! I like adding the little twist of lime to balance out the sweetness of the orange. It cuts through that flavor and gives it a nice little tart bite. If limes aren’t your thing…no worries just ditch them in this juice. Gotta’ love making your own food and recipes.

So whats so cool about oranges, besides that they taste so good? I think we can and do get sucked into the whole “exotic fruits campaign” such as goji and acai berries. Yes these are super high in antioxidants and great to keep your body rockin’ and healthy, but many more traditional and accessible fruits have just as much antioxidant and immune fighting power. We all think of vitamin C when we think of oranges, which is great. One orange packs in 63.5mg, but the other sweet antioxidant benefits are that they contain more than 170 cancer-fighting phytochemicals and 60 flavonoids.  Talk about health boosting goodness!  They also contain heart health promoters such as potassium, pectin fibers, and folate. As a bonus they have calcium to promote bone and teeth health as well!

This fresh squeezed juice would be great for an addition to any breakfast, brunch or refreshing snack! If you wanted to make it more of a sparkling drink you could add a splash of it to your sparkling water, or plain water for that matter. I love water that has a hint of citrus in it! Whichever way you choose to drink your juice I think you will love how fresh it is! If you’re in a rush out of the house and don’t have time to squeeze fresh juice, throw that whole orange in your bag! You’ll still get all of that fresh juice flavor, plus the 3.4 grams of fiber from the whole orange! I hope fresh citrus finds it’s way to your glass sometime soon!

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