Winter Stew on the 1st Day of Spring | Whole Green Love

21 Mar

Sunday night was a perfect night to brew up some chicken stew with biscuits. Nothing warms up your taste buds like a hearty meal on a cool, stormy night.  Frozen chicken dinners can sometimes be a hit or miss. Deli made chicken stews and potpies can cost a pretty penny. Not to mention you can’t control what ingredients are whipped together. When you take a little extra time to make your own, you can be picky and creative with your ingredients and save some well earned cashola. Plus, you’ll have delectable leftovers for the rest of the week. Score!

I went on a recipe hunt Sunday afternoon and found, not to my surprise, a perfect cold weather stew recipe on the Food Network website. From past experience Ina Garten‘s recipes have always been a hit in our house, so I knew her Chicken Stew and Biscuits was sure to please the palate.

Make sure when you go shopping for this recipe that you purchase the chicken breasts with skin on and bone in, as the recipes calls for.  When you roast the chicken in the oven like this it keeps it tender and juicy-yum! When it calls for the carrots to be blanched, I actually just cooked them in the chicken stock that was cooking on the stove.  Call that innovative or lazy, but either way it saved me a pot and I got to keep all that carrot flavor! I shredded my chicken instead of cubing it – just a texture preference I have, and I must admit it does make for an awesome stew consistency. The parchment paper and baking sheet under the dish in the oven is a MUST. It catches all the bubbly drippings, so your oven floor stays clean and char free. It makes clean up a breeze!

This dish is so tasty!! It’s hearty, warm and the biscuits crumble into the chicken and veggie goodness. It’s one of those “homey” dishes that puts you in a good mood. Better than any store bought product and you have leftovers to last you all week! I thought this was a perfect meal to close out our winter season, while we are getting ready for all the spring produce to get growing!

Give this fantastic Food Network recipe a try this week. You can be creative and use up leftover vegetables you have in your fridge. I’m excited to use this biscuit recipe for other meals. I have an orange zest biscuit and honey butter recipe brewing in my head…mmm.

Have a great  week!

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