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26 Apr

I made an executive decision for our family this week. Best decision I’ve ever made. Thursdays from here on out will be Mediterranean Night. What does this mean? This means we will eat things like nuts, delicious crusty bread with olive oil, cheese, red wine (not for Lyla), olives, and cut up veggies like colorful peppers and slices of tomatoes in the summertime, and fresh or dried fruit.

I should clarify. There are plenty of wonderful cooked and prepared dishes that are a part of a Mediterranean way of eating, like seafood, certain grains, meat, and cooked vegetables. I’m looking to accomplish two things with our new Thursday theme night: I want (1) unprocessed foods (2) that do not require any cooking. Plus, Thursday means it’s almost Friday, which calls for a glass of wine. HELLO! That’s why I didn’t make it Mediterranean Monday (which sounds cooler), but I don’t always feel like I’ve earned a glass of wine yet on a Monday. By Thursday, it’s easy to feel burned out and not want to cook anything.

I don’t need a bunch of research and studies to help me figure out what I like about a Mediterranean diet. It’s delicious, it’s unprocessed, it includes plenty of yummy fat, and it includes some great fruits and veggies. Many people put their focus on the olive oil as the reason people eating a Mediterranean diet are a healthy bunch, but wait a second. A New England Journal of Medicine study from 2003 found that it could be the synergy between all of the food and not just the olive oil that promotes optimal health.

I do most of our grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, which is the perfect place to shop for new specialty cheeses. Plus, their wine section. Totally fab.

Here is what our Mediterranean Thursday looked like: red wine, mixed nuts, kalamata olives, crackers, bake Brie topped with homemade raspberry jam, sourdough bread, and olive oil. Such a relaxing and satisfying meal. And when I say relaxed, I mean buzzed from the red wine. Just kidding. Sort of. It was actually a great pre-workout meal. I got in a nice run after I let it all digest a bit.


Do you and your family have any type of themed foodie nights at your house?

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