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13 Dec

I want to share with you a simple and fun gift idea that anyone would love to indulge in! Nothing beats a warm and toasty bath or a steamy hot shower and this tea bag idea is a perfect addition to either. You only need a few materials and you can assemble some lovely scented bath tea bags.

Lavender & Eucalyptus Tub Tea

1 tsp dried lavender blossoms

1 tsp dried eucalyptus leaves

2 (heaping) Tbsp epsom salt

1 5x5ish piece of natural cheesecloth

small piece of twine

small piece of pine for decoration

All you have to do is pile the salt, lavender, and eucalyptus in the center of your cheesecloth and then pull the edges up around your scented goodness. Take your piece of twine and secure it tightly with a couple of knots around the cheesecloth so it won’t unravel in your bath water. If you feel like adding a little jazz to the front of it you can add any type of greenery or twigs and just add another knot to secure it to the front of the bag.

The warm water from your bath will dissolve the salt into your bath water and soften up the lavender and eucalyptus to help release their natural oils and create an awesome smelly spa experience right in your own bathtub. If you want to make a tea bag for your shower you’ll want to skip out on the salt and just fill your little cheesecloth squares with your favorite herbs. Place the herb tea bag right under the steamy showerhead and the aroma will fill your whole bathroom. Salt can easily dissolve out of these cheesecloth tea bags, but most of your herbs should stay secured inside. After a relaxing bath or shower you won’t have a big herb mess to wipe out of the tub. Bonus.

These tea bags would make great holiday gifts. You could make a couple of different scent mixes and then create little gift sets for your loved ones. Hey, it wouldn’t hurt to treat yourself too. Everyone deserves a little TLC and these tea bags can do the trick. I found my dried herbs in a bulk herb and tea section of Natural Outpost, but most health food stores have a selection of these products to choose from.

Any homemade holiday gift ideas you are putting together this year?

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