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20 Aug

When you think about hair care it is easy to get wrapped up in shampoos and conditioners. Other treatments can be so beneficial for both your hair and your scalp…plus, it feels good to pamper yourself too! A nice little at-home spa action not only rejuvenates you, but you’re able to control what products are being used on your body. Not to mention, you are saving money by making it a DIY project, instead of heading down the street to that trendy spa.

Every once in a while I like to do a deep conditioning hair treatment at home. When you think about it, your hair gets put through a lot: sun, wind, heat, cold, snarls, and pollutants! It only makes sense to put a little love back into those locks! One of my favorite products to use in a deep conditioning hair treatment is pure cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a fabulous multi-use product. Not only is a good quality coconut oil healthy to eat and cook with, but it’s an awesome skin and hair care product too. It is loaded with healthy plant fats that are gentle and ultra moisturizing.

In the past I have used just coconut oil on my hair, which is as easy as smearing it together in your hands and then massaging it into your scalp and hair. Lately though, I had been on the look out for something fun to add to this lovely coconut treatment and found myself drawn to baobab tree oil from Aura Cacia. This company is awesome…they have an amazing mission, great products, and always share educational tid-bits on how to use their products.

I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that I fell in love with these beautiful trees while visiting Tanzania or if it was because I love this company…probably a mix of both. Either way I was really excited to see this new hydrating body oil from “the tree of life” and thought, this has to be good!

No worries about how the oil is collected. It is sustainably hand harvested and extracted from the seeds on the trees, so it will be bearing fruit for years to come. Aura Cacia is provided this lovely resource from 60 co-op villages in Senegal, Africa. It makes me excited to think that you can use oil from such a sacred tree. Very cool. It is ultra hydrating and calming for your scalp and skin, but it can also give your hair great conditioning and a nice, natural shine. Oh, and a fun fact about this tree is that it can hold up to 50,000 gallons of rainwater in its trunk! No wonder it’s called the tree of life! I remember when I was visiting Tanzania, our outfitters told us that elephants would “break-in” to the trunks of the trees during droughts to gain access to a much needed water supply. A truly beautiful tree. Okay, back to this deep conditioning treat!

Baobab & Coconut Deep Conditioner

1 heaping Tbsp coconut oil

5 squirts Baobab Tree oil

Too simple, right?! Prior to getting your deep condition on, you’ll want to throw a damp towel into your dryer to heat up. Then, all you need to do is massage these ingredients together in your hands and then gently massage into your scalp and down through your hair ends. Your hair will feel sleek and will smell like a tropical dream. You’ll want to then grab your hot, damp towel and twist it around your hair like you would when you get out of the shower. Keep this on your head for 15 – 30 minutes and rinse out afterwards. Depending on your hair type, you may need to rinse your hair out a couple of times to fully get the oil mix out of your hair. If you don’t have anywhere to go the next day, or don’t mind having oily hair, you can do a quick rinse and let the rest of the mixture continue to penetrate your hair and scalp.

You will love how soft and shiny this makes your hair! Plus, it’s a relaxing treatment to do right in your own home. It doesn’t take much effort to do and will hydrate that fabulous hair of yours in an all natural kind of way!

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