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7 Sep

Fall is in the air, and it makes me so excited for this upcoming season! Nothing beats being able to turn off the A/C and keep your windows open all day.  A little cross ventilation always does the trick to freshen up the air in your house. It’s the winter season that really does a number on the air quality of your living environment.  You try to be as energy efficient as you can in the winter months to keep the dreaded heating bill in check, but have you ever thought about how that is affecting the air you breathe during those months?

We are dedicating this week to information related to getting the air in your house ready to rock for the up coming “windows shut” winter season. Scientists with NASA have studied the air quality of indoor environments and discovered a phenomenon known as “sick building syndrome”. This is when synthetic compounds from the environment build up, with no where to exit. This toxic effect can leave people feeling ill. Common side effects are burning eyes and respiratory difficulties. What you may be thinking is, “What can we do about this issue?” No worries! They studied that as well, and came up with an earth friendly solution – indoor houseplants!

It was discovered that numerous houseplants can actually purify the existing air in your living environment. Synthetic compounds such as, trichloroethylene TCE, benzene, and formaldehyde can be found in inks, paints, lacquers, varnishes, adhesives, gasoline, plastics, rubber, grocery bags, facial tissue, waxed paper, wrinkle resisters, water repellents, fire retardants, floor coverings, carpet backings, and permanent –pressed clothing. This limited list can give you just a taste for all of the toxic compounds that can be found in your living environment. Essentially, the plants use these toxic compounds for energy and the byproduct is fresh, purified air for us to breathe! Talk about a great deal. Earth has a complex ecosystem, you too can have a purifying system with the plants you add to it! Not only does the foliage of the plants help filter the air, but the soil and root system of the plants do as well. This gives you a bigger bang for your buck in the air quality department.

Here is NASA’s top 10 list of air-filtering plants:

1)     Bamboo Palm

2)     Chinese Evergreen

3)     English Ivy

4)     Gerbera Daisy

5)     Janet Craig Dracaena

6)     Mass Cane/Corn Plant

7)     Peace Lily

8)     Pot Mum

9)     Snake Plant

10)   Striped Dracaena

You’ll not only be adding air-filtering goodness to your house, you’ll be adding a little green décor to your living space. This has also proven to trigger a relaxing effect from NASA’s study. We encourage you to pick a few of these plants and to give them a home in your living space.  You’ll feel great knowing that you are all set for the winter season ahead! If you would like more information on your purifying plant project look for the book: How to Grow Fresh Air by Dr. B. C. Wolverton.

Please note that some plants can be poisonous if your pets eat them, so take care in placing them in your home. Your furry ones will thank you!

What are your favorite indoor house plants?

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