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27 Jul

We finally got an excellent crop of little cucumbers this year…perfect for pickling! Nic and I are serious dill pickle fans, so last year we thought it would be a great idea to grow little cukes and do some pickling. Want to know how many cucumbers grew on our vines? Three. What the heck? But we were totally determined to have dill pickles, so we tried to pickle three of them. It totally bombed. Ugh.

So here we are this year with a garden full of healthy looking baby cukes and two people ready to take. It. On. Again. We got our recipe from our friend Ruth, whose mom is a total food preservation guru. Ma Burhop is a serious cook-from-scratch kind of lady. Yearly canning of homemade salsa and other goodies is a tradition in their household. So, thank you to the Burhop family for this recipe!

Refrigerator Dills

Makes 2 gallons of pickles

3 cups cold vinegar

12 cups cold water

½ cup canning salt

1 or 2 cloves of garlic, quartered

¼ – ½ tsp powdered alum (I found this at our local Sendik’s)

Fresh dill or 4 Tbsp dill seed

Combine all of the ingredients with rinsed pickles in a clean jar.

Set on your basement floor, preferably a cement one, for 3 days.

Move pickle jar to the fridge for 3-4 months. The pickles will take on their best flavor after about 3 weeks.

You don’t need to have a certain amount of pickles to use this recipe. Our garden happened to produce enough pickles ready to fill two 1 gallon containers. We piled the pickles in and poured the liquid mixture in to fill the containers and cover the pickles. As for the dill, we used fresh dill. You’ve got to; it’s that time of year for the fresh stuff. The farmers’ market is overflowing with it. It’s hard to describe how much we used, but I would say we used about 1 1/2 cups worth of it. Use more or less depending on how dilly you want this to turn out.

You know I didn’t have the will power to wait 3 weeks before taking a taste of these pickles. I am in love. After just 4 days, our little cukes took on the most wonderful dilly and salty taste. They definitely taste “pickled” but have maintained their crunchy freshness. I foresee the perfect side to any type of summer sandwich or accompaniment to our homemade Bloody Mary’s. These pickles can be enjoyed eaten whole, gripping it state fair style, or my preference, cut into quarters lengthwise, deli style. Yum.

What? You’re not growing pickles in your garden this year? What’s wrong with you? Just kidding! If you don’t have your own pickle patch or your crop was seriously as sad as ours was last year, hit up the stands at your local farmers’ markets. Those little baby cukes need a home and might be a type of produce that you would normally over look. You’ll be thanking yourself for making these refrigerator dills when it’s mid-November and you are crunching on a homemade pickle spear along side a delish BLT sandwich. Om nom nom…

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