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18 Feb

I have a new favorite drink that I need to share with you. You have probably heard of Kombucha or similar type drink. It’s an old, but new health kick kind of drink. If you haven’t heard about it yet, today is your lucky day.

Kombucha  is a tea that is fermented using a culture of yeast & bacteria…I know that sounds gross…but think of it like yogurt with probiotic properties minus the dairy component.  Plain kombucha contains about 20% RDI of B vitamins including B12, which is generally found in meat.  Not to mention it’s loaded with antioxidant properties. It has a unique kind of  cidery/wine taste that I must say I haven’t quite adapted my taste buds to yet.

So, you may be wondering how my favorite drink fits into this picture. GT’s Kombucha company makes organic raw kombucha, but they also make a variety called Synergy, which is a mix of 95% kombucha, 5% fruit juice, and some have chia seeds. It is out of this world delish! I have tried both the cherry and grape chia…both flavors are equally tasty. You can swallow the chia seed drink whole, or give it a little chew. I love all the texture this drink has.

The synergy chia drink is loaded with goodness. Chia seeds have nutritional benefits that can help give you a nice energy boost without the jitters coffee or other caffeinated beverages create.  Chia is also known for being a “superfood” ….super food  equals super people. We are what we eat right?! Omega 3’s are all the buzz today, but I bet you didn’t know that chia has 8 times the omega 3’s when compared to salmon.  Not that you shouldn’t eat some delicious wild caught salmon (Yum!), but it’s much easier grabbing a drink like this, when running out of the house in the morning. Looking for a few other reasons why you should love this chia drink? How about because it has more antixoidants than blueberries and more fiber than oatmeal. Sold yet?

Kombucha is thought to help boost the immune system, decrease inflammation, increase metabolism & energy, while helping you have peace of mind. I don’t know about you but it sure makes me feel like opening up a bottle! Not to mention GT’s Kombucha company uses raw organic chia seeds and kombucha tea, which gives you both the best quality and nutritional benefits.

Any Kombucha fans out there?

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