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6 Jun

Last week, this world lost a really great lady. My grandma passed away, peacefully and at home. Just how she would have wanted. She was smart, generous, sweet (a little sassy), and she was always humming. My grandma took great pride in our great big, loud, fun family. I see everyday that her loving and faithful relationship with my grandpa is exactly how my dad learned to treat my mom so well. And because of that, I knew just how to find my own husband who showers me everyday with the upmost love, respect, and kindness.


I’m not actually sure how to transition the start of this post into something you’d usually expect to see on our blog. But…

Last Friday, the morning of my grandma’s funeral, was really rushed. I was feeling flustered and sad and anxious about the day ahead, and we were just trying to get out the door. We packed up the car for what we knew would be a whole day away from home, so for Lyla we needed snacks, toys, baby Stella, her pack and play for naptime, and everything else that comes with a toddler. Lyla sucked down her usual favorite smoothie and we hopped in the car.

** Proceed with caution: This story involves a toddler throwing up. **

About a half hour later, we arrived at church. I grabbed Lyla out of the car and we went inside. I had just walked in when Lyla threw up (bright blue/red smoothie) all over herself. She was wearing a little white cardigan over a white and yellow dress. Stain city. We ran to the bathroom and she threw up again. All over. I don’t think I’ve seen that girl throw up since her baby spit up days. Poor thing.

Lyla was just fine. Just a little bit of carsickness I guess, because she was her normal funny and sweet self almost immediately, and for the rest of the day.

But do you know what wasn’t fine? Her cute little dress that she was wearing for the first time. Because I was in a rush to join our family and we had no other good option, I balled up her dress and we threw it into the back of the car. It was nice and warm that day, so the smoothie puke I wasn’t able to clean off literally baked into the dress.

I so exhausted when we got home that I didn’t even think to deal with the dress until about 10pm.

So, I soaked the dress and cardigan with a ½ cup of baking soda in a gallon of cold water overnight.

To my surprise, the next day, the stain was almost already gone! I didn’t even have to scrub it! I rung out the water/baking soda from the clothes and applied a stain spray on the areas where I could still see a stain. I let that soak in for about a half hour and then washed them as normal (with this homemade bleach poured into the machine like I usually do with our whites load).

When they came out there were no stains left. None. Which is totally amazing because that smoothie had blueberries, raspberries, coconut oil, green plant juice, and other ingredients that could have left a mark.

I don’t think my grandma would mind that this blog post started out as a remembrance of her, and then transitioned to a pukey toddler, and finally to a stain remover. She raised six sons (who I’m sure got messy sometimes) and she was one of the best homemakers I’ve ever known.  No one on this earth can fold a king sized fitted sheet the way this woman could. No one.

We will miss her very much.

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