WGL Confessional: Illegal Trans-fat Consumption | Whole Green Love

15 Dec

Ugh. I have a confession to make. I have been eating trans fats. Regularly. Which is sooo not okay, seeing as I just posted something LAST WEEK about avoiding trans-fats in food. This blogger has not been following her own advice.

So, here is the situation. One of my vices is sugary cereals. I don’t eat it for breakfast or for a meal, I like to have it as a sweet little snack. I usually work out after work and I always need a little something to make it until dinner. And cereal is just one of those things that sits well with me during a workout. So, instead of choosing a healthier cereal option, I always gravitate towards the chocolaty, sugary cereals. Let me tell you, it’s hard to find a sugary cereal that doesn’t have trans fats…maybe that’s a sign that I shouldn’t be eating them in the first place! So, when I recently took a second look at the ingredients list on the box I’ve been buying, I saw that the THIRD ingredient (after rice and sugar, ugh) was partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. For a little reference to trans fats in one of our past posts, click here. It just tastes sooo good! Especially, when the milk gets all chocolaty from the cereal…I am not proud of this.

To be honest, I haven’t found a solution to this problem yet. And let’s be real – I don’t want to give up cereals like this. I like chocolaty, sugary cereals, which I justify by telling myself that the rest of my diet is pretty darn healthy. But my goal in writing this is to let you know that I am aware of my addiction and I’ve started my mission to search out a “healthier” sugary cereal option, if there is such a thing. Here I go. So far, on my first grocery trip after this realization, I did find an option without trans fats. I’m not done with my search though, because I think the ingredients list on this new box is still far too long. I will keep you posted.

So my friends, take a peak at the ingredient lists of foods you eat regularly and check them for trans fats (listed as a partially hydrogenated oil). If you aren’t ready to find a replacement product for a favorite food yet, I understand. If you are, join me in my search for something new.

Is there something in your pantry that just isn’t okay for you to keep eating regularly? Admit it folks, we all have something.

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