Fall Table Flare | Whole Green Love

10 Oct

We had friends over last weekend for dinner and I wanted to get our dinner table looking nice and “Fall like” for the occasion. We don’t have a lot of purchased decorations for the holidays…mostly a few nice things to set out that we have gotten as gifts from our families. I’m pretty simplistic when it comes to decorations anyways and I love using things we already have in our house or something from the outdoors to spice up the indoors. Not only does it usually end up looking better, but it’s fewer “things” to end up in our landfills one day.

One of my favorite items to decorate with and transition from season to season is a hurricane vase. Not only is it durable and made of a recyclable material, but you can literally keep them out season to season and adapt them with a holiday flare if you so desire…which I usually am. Ha! Plus, you just can’t go wrong with those vases. You can use them to decorate without a candle by filling them with little seasonal trinkets or add in a candle for that house warming touch. Love. Versatility.

We had most of our table decoration items in or outside of our house already. The only things we purchased were three little pumpkins. Sometimes you need to add that extra bit of “spirit” to round out your decoration plan. I used one of our large wood serving platters to set everything on, so that it was raised off of the table. You could always use a different type of platter or serving stand to create some variation in height on your table. You could even use some cut rounds of a tree stump, which would be so pretty. The stumps could be used over and over for different decoration ideas and if they ever get shabby looking, you can have no worries that they will decompose easily back into the Earth.

So we have established that height can make a table decoration look nice, but texture is another key component to making a lovely little centerpiece. You could use any fabric or tablecloth you have around the house. I like to incorporate different colored placemats into my decoration ideas as well. For this one I just used a table runner that has a natural potato sack look. I tend to use a lot of natural or neutral colors in our house and then add in pops of color with other items. Not only does it keep that “natural” look, but the simplicity makes many items useful in different seasons. It keeps decorating easy so I don’t have to put too much thought into it.

I used an unscented off white candle in my hurricane vase & surrounded it with cinnamon sticks from my spice cabinet. If you are going to be eating around your candle you’ll probably want to choose an unscented candle so it doesn’t mingle with the delicious food you have plated up. I pulled some vines off of our house and used them to “hug” the produce I scattered around my candle. I mixed in the little pumpkins, apples, and delicata squash to create a sort of cornucopia type look. Super easy and edible!

Any fun decorations you’ve put out for Fall? We’d love to see pictures!

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