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17 Aug

I love to start my morning with a hot cup of coffee or tea! I’m a tea drinker at heart, but sometimes the smell of Nic brewing coffee in the AM persuades me to pour a cup. Unfortunately for me, it had really been more like drinking a little coffee with my creamer. How can you resist the rich white chocolate, marshmallow swirled, cinnamon spiced, hazelnutty dream flavors in the store bought coffee creamer creations? Let’s be real – I could drink that stuff straight from the bottle. It’s too bad that most of those coffee creamers include trans fats and other not so pleasant ingredients, so I retrained my taste buds to enjoy coffee with a healthy glug of milk and a spoonful of honey. Not so bad. Sometimes you just need to take a time out and pull back the reigns on your unhealthy caffeine consumption.

Let’s get back on track and talk about my favorite thing…tea! If you become a regular reader of this blog (which we hope you will!) this is not the last time you will hear about tea. I’m obsessed. So when I heard about a launch party that Rishi Tea was holding at the Anaba Tea Room in Milwaukee, I had to go. Rishi Tea introduced 12 new teas to their already amazing, diverse, and interesting collection. If you haven’t already tried their teas, I highly recommend you do. They are produced and distributed in Milwaukee and you can find them at a number of natural food stores, Outpost Foods, Whole Foods, and many restaurants in the area. Rishi Tea’s locater can help you find a source near you. Their goal with this batch of new teas was to challenge their drinkers with some new and out of the ordinary flavors (visit their website to read about their new teas).

A couple of my favorites from the tea tasting were Chocolate Chai and Coconut Oolong. I brought home a bag of the Chocolate Chai (pictured above), which I love, love, love! It is a perfect blend of pu-erh tea with cocoa, coconut, and vanilla to name a few ingredients which makes this a flavor fun land for your taste buds. This tea is meant to be steeped and then sweetened with milk and cane sugar (I used honey). It’s like a healthy version of hot chocolate… tastiness minus being strung out on a sugar high.

Also, be sure to try the Coconut Oolong which is, quite literally, a tropical beach vacation in your mug. No lie. They really nailed this one.

Do you have a favorite tea? Tell us what you love about it!

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