The Corkier the Better | Whole Green Love

7 Nov

I’ve been so slow to purchase art for our home because I am always looking for something just perfect to fill the space. Plus, wall art can be expensive! I didn’t notice until recently just how much cork I’ve used to display different wall art! My most recent DIY project used a cork board to create something for Lyla’s room. Check it out…

This birth date collage was so easy to make! I bought a framed cork board at Michael’s for just $10. Then, I went on Google Images and searched different phrases to find pieces of architecture that included the numbers I was looking for to get Lyla’s birth date – 8/20/11. I searched phrases like “the number 8 in architecture” or “the number 20 on address sign” until I found just what I was looking for. I used classic silver thumb tacks to attach them to the board and wa-la! You’ve got yourself a customized birthday art piece! If you choose to tackle this super simple DIY project, just be sure you aren’t jacking someone’s work. You’ll notice that some images that pop up in your search have a photographer’s watermark over the top of the image. I avoided any of those.

If you are anything like me, I like to change things up often for constantly varying visual stimulation in our abode. I guess I just get bored easily. So to prevent a whole lot of wall decorations and art from being banished to our basement and spending a bunch of money on something new, I use cork board for the perfect solution. It gives me a space that can be ever evolving. It also allows you to “frame out” pieces of art or photographs that do not have a standard framing size. Like these…

I also used a number of cork board squares to build a cork wall to hang our calendar and allow for a little bit of space to post photos of family and friends. It’s a bit chaotic looking but I like it. Plus, it’s much easier to change out photos that are on display on a cork board than when they are in frames.

If you are looking to create a personalized gift for someone, you can use this idea to create a birth date collage for the birth of a friend’s baby or as a wedding gift to display the couple’s wedding date.

Extra bonus…cork is a naturally harvested and renewable resource so you can feel good about this purchase!

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