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31 Jul

When I ran out of eye makeup remover last week, I checked out the back of the bottle at the ingredients list and thought, “Shoot. I can make this.” I created my own rendition of my store bought eye makeup remove and I have decided; I’ve got a recipe that is a keeper.

All you will need are three ingredients and a fabulous little blue bottle like this one, if you so choose. I cannot get enough of these little bottles. They make me feel all homemade-y inside.

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

1 Tbsp jojoba oil

3 Tbsp olive oil

1 tsp vitamin E

Using a teeny weeny funnel, carefully pour both oils and vitamin E into your container. Give the bottle a little shake before use.

I chose to buy an eye dropper bottle for this homemade project. I think that the eye dropper works perfectly for dispensing the oil. Use the dropper to put a few drops on your fingers, rub both index and middle fingers to coat them with oil, and rub your fingers over your closed eyes. After about 10 seconds or so, wet your fingers and rub your eyes just a little bit longer to continue dissolving away your eye makeup. Finish up by washing your entire face with your normal facial cleanser to remove any additional makeup and the eye makeup remover.

The ingredients in this homemade product are so pure and wonderful for your skin. The olive and jojoba oil are so incredibly moisturizing that the skin around your eyes where you are most definitely preventing future wrinkles will surely thank you! If you have oily skin to begin with, don’t let this eye makeup remover recipe scare you. Jojoba oil is a very close match to your skins natural oils, which means your skin will produce less of its own oil when it gets a little love from Jojoba. The vitamin E offers a great boost of antioxidant power along with plenty of moisturizing goodness.

Any go-to homemade beauty products on your shelf?


February 17, 2013 Update

Wow! This recipe of eye makeup remover lasts a long time! It’s been over six months since I made my first bottle of it and today I ran out and had to make a new batch. I would say that in general I wear eye makeup most days of the week, to give you an idea of how fast I went through it.

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