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3 Jul

I tried grabbing the whole bag of basil, but it would have ended up on the ground!

In my farm share box this past weekend I got a huge bag of beautiful fresh basil. It was beyond lovely, but I had to ask myself, “what am I going to do with all of this basil deliciousness”?! I could have done the caprese salad for the rest of the week and then some, or gotten creative with a new funky smoothie, but I decided I wanted to make something that was going to last a little bit longer. Basil, like it’s friend the lettuce, doesn’t last oh too long in the fridge, as I am sure you are familiar with. It is nice to make something that you are able to freeze and use later down your meal-eating road. I hate it when you are pondering what you want to throw together for a meal and are set on using that lettuce in the fridge for a big beautiful salad and when you go to retrieve it you find a soft, wilted, and or slimy (ew!) mess.

Gotta love a salad spinner…these things work wonders.

Okay, enough of that…lets talk fresh. I decided to wiz my beautiful basil leaves into a little Italian pesto. This is such a versatile sauce that you can add to just about anything and stores well in the freezer. Whenever I have made pesto in the past I throw together the basic ingredients and eyeball it until it looks just right. When I made this pesto I took note on proportions in the case you haven’t made pesto in the past or get a little nervous about eyeballing your recipes.

Garlic Pesto

I blended a few of my ingredients to make room for everything else to be incorporated into my food processor.

-2 C. Basil (packed)

-1/2 C. Parmesan

-1/3 C. Pine Nuts

-1/3 C. Walnuts

-1/2 C. Olive Oil (extra to seal off jar)

-3-4 Cloves Garlic

-Salt/Pepper (to taste)

All you have to do is add these ingredients into a food processor and blend away until smooth. Feel free to add or lesson ingredients to your taste preference. I like a nice sharp bite from the garlic, so I tend to go a little heavy in that department. If you don’t have a food processor a blender would probably work just as well, just make sure you blend it well and scrape down the sides so all of your ingredients are incorporated. If it seems like your pesto is too dry you can always add a little more olive oil to make it smooth and creamy.

Love the green color!

As far as storing your pesto creation you’ll need to store it airtight to keep it from turning brown. Basil is like an avocado, but basil doesn’t taste as good with lime squeezed on it. Ha! You can store it in any container; I like using glass Ball jars. Pour enough olive oil over the top of your pesto in its container so it is fully covered and sealed with oil. This will help prevent it from browning. Fresh pesto can last in the fridge for about a week and stored in your freezer for about 3 months.

Final product 🙂

I folded some of my pesto in to risotto with cherry tomatoes and sautéed zucchini, but you can add it to any vegetables, pasta, or meats for a bold and bright Italian flavor.

How do you like to serve your pesto?

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