Ice Cube Herbs | Whole Green Love

4 Oct

As our garden winds down this season, we are meticulously preserving anything that we can before we shut her down for good. It’s kind of like a full time job. The veggies dictate our schedule these days and when things become ripe, we hop in the kitchen. Today’s food preservation task was an easy one. Love that.

One of my biggest pet peeves is having to buy a full container of fresh herbs and only needing just a pinch for a recipe. What a waste. I’m pretty good at meal planning around what we have in our pantry and fridge, but I’m not that good. I had to figure out a way to not let those delicate little flavors go to waste.

We have a couple of ice cube trays that are never used because we have an ice maker in our freezer. (Click here to find BPA free ice cube trays!) Preserving small amounts of food in ice cube trays is super easy and those little cube cups are the perfect size for things like baby food, small amounts of juice, coffee cubes for iced coffee (watered down coffee is not okay), and fresh herbs.

Tonight, I plucked a few handfuls of parsley and thyme off of the big bushes that we have out on our patio. I chopped them up and filled the ice cube holes half way and then then filled them with water. Pop them in the freezer and you are on your way to preserving those fresh flavors and not letting any extras go to waste. If you don’t mind having your ice cube trays tied up, you can keep your herbs frozen right in the trays. If you want to free them up for other freezing opportunities, pop the cubes out once they are frozen solid and throw them in freezer bag and back into the freezer. Make sure you label the bags so you know the date of freeze and the contents. Little green ice cubes will likely all look alike in the freezer. Then, when a recipe you are making calls for just a tablespoon of this or that, pop the herb ice cube right into the dish your cooking. No need to defrost ahead of time.

I used ice cube trays to freeze portions of the pesto I made with our fresh basil. I also purchased a bottle of beautiful, organic prune juice to give to Lyla. We might have fed her a little too much banana a few weeks back and she got a bit backed up… I only wanted to give Lyla a tiny bit of juice to get things going but I didn’t want the rest of the juice to go to waste. I pulled out the ice cube trays to freeze small amounts of the juice to pull out a cube at a time, if needed.

Anything besides water that you freeze in your ice cube trays?

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