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8 Mar

Dishes are a dirty dirty job! They seem to pile up so quickly, especially when you have a household like ours where most of our meals are cooked from scratch. It’s just natural that we use extra dishes. Unless I find those recipes for a one pot meal…BONUS! Soooo the dishwasher is my friend.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally found the most amazing eco-friendly dishwasher tablets! I have literally spent years testing countless dishwasher soap options that fall under that “earth friendly” category with no luck, until now. Over the last 5 years I’ve been moving around to different apartments to finally our home and thought that it was definitely the less-than-awesome dishwashers that we were stuck with. Not so, my friends.

Ecover has changed my dishwashing experience! (Thank you for the photo Google Images!) These little tablets are phosphate and chlorine bleach free! The label mentions they are quick to biodegrade, safe to use with septic tanks, and no animal testing! Wondering what the deal is with phosphates? Extra phosphates in our ecosystem, which come from farming, our use of them in our yard, and in products like some cleaning products, can cause algae and plankton to reproduce in mega amounts! This leads to very poor water quality for drinking and enjoyment! The increased growth of life in these areas, caused by an increase of algae and other organisms will in turn cause more death down the road and turn the area into an unusable dead zone. And all because humans are over doing it with phosphate! For more information on this, visit TreeHugger.

When you’re using your dishwasher, keep it as green as possible:

  • Skip rinsing your dishes
  • Only run that baby when it’s full
  • Don’t use the dry cycle. Just open up the dishwasher when it’s done rinsing and let the steam exit and your dishes to air dry.
  • Use the “water saver” option if your model comes with that option.

Eco-friendly is great, but it’s no good when the product doesn’t work! Ecover got our dishes sparkly clean, so if you’re searching for different dishwashing tablets, give them a whirl! In the Milwaukee area, you can find Ecover at Whole Foods, the Health Hut, and Outpost.

Have you had any luck with eco-friendly dishwasher soap/tablets that work for you?

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