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28 Jun

So this nesting stage has really hit full force, especially since all of my baby showers have come to an end. I had three wonderful showers and we are off to a great start with baby items galore! I can’t believe how much STUFF comes with having a baby! And with all of that stuff and clothes and blankets and towels, comes the task of washing it all to get it clean for my baby girl. Oh and p.s. she will be much better dressed than me. I can’t believe how many clothes she has already!

Apparently, I can’t use just any laundry detergent on our baby clothes and other items. I’ve been told it’s essential that I use a detergent that is safe and gentle for my baby’s sweet, soft, newborn skin. While this may be true (or just a gimmick), I bet many of the “baby friendly” laundry detergents out there are still full of icky chemicals that should never come near my baby! In an effort to keep things safe for Babygirl Collins AND eco-friendly, I went out on a search for a laundry detergent that can take on this job.

With most “eco-friendly” detergents (read the labels!) you’ll get a version that doesn’t use petroleum based ingredients to give you the lovely scent you’re looking for, biodegrades easier in water, and is phosphate free (save the fishies!).

I found a bottle of Ecover’s Laundry Wash at our local Health Hut. Since I know I LOVE Ecover’s dishwasher tablets, I thought I’d try out what they’ve got going on for laundry detergent. There is even a little note on the front of the bottle… “Ideal for baby clothes”…hello! Of course, since my baby hasn’t been born yet, I can’t take this for a test drive on actual baby skin. However, some of the bonuses of this laundry wash are that it biodegrades quickly, has no phosphates, works in high efficiency washers, and it gives information on the bottle of how much to use depending on your hard or soft water situation. That way you don’t have to use more than you actually need. I really wanted to find a detergent that I can use in all laundry loads, not just for the baby. I’d like something gentle enough for baby but be able to throw baby clothes into our laundry loads as well.

Just a few other green laundry tips:

  • Line dry clothes to brighten them up, especially those little white onesies…the sun is like a natural bleach. Plus, you avoid using your dryer and save some money.
  • Try to always wash full loads of laundry to save on water usage.
  • Add a ¼ cup of white distilled vinegar to your rinse cycle to get your whites whiter and remove any lingering soap. It also acts as a fabric softener!
  • A ½ cup of vinegar added to the washer load will remove any manufacturing chemicals from new clothes.

Any laundry tips you can share with us? Has anyone used a “baby friendly” laundry detergent that is also eco-friendly?

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