Easter Eggs Take 2: Silk Tie Success! | Whole Green Love

24 Apr

We didn’t have the best of luck with dying our eggs with the color we extracted from food. We posted the details anyhow, because hey, that’s life. It was fun to experiment, but the outcome just wasn’t stunning. So when Lynn, one of our readers mentioned that she saw someone use silk ties to dye eggs, I thought I had to try it out before this Easter season was over. What an AMAZING idea! And my eggs look beautiful!

I Googled something like “dying eggs with silk ties” and used Martha Stewart’s instructions on how to go about this endeavor. Nic has plenty of ties, but I asked my dad if he had any to spare that he didn’t wear any more. That guy could use a closet just for ties alone, but since retiring he just doesn’t need as many as he used to. So I got a bunch from him and carefully selected and confirmed that I was choosing ties that were 100% silk. From the research I did, other materials just won’t transfer the color over to the egg like silk does. If you don’t have the sweet tie hook up that I did, visit some rummage sales, stop at Goodwill, or steal some silk boxers from your significant other. Whatever works.

Take a look at Martha’s simple instructions on how create these fabulously beautiful eggs! There is even a video you can watch that guides you through the process.

Just a few tips:

  • Martha’s instructions mention having to use a glass or enamel pot. Well, I don’t have one of those, so I just used a stainless steal pot. I didn’t seem to have any trouble. Maybe they just want you to steer clear of non-stick pans? I’m not sure.
  • Vividly colored silk material transfers color to the egg best. I used a tie that had grays and pink that didn’t transfer color well. It was still pretty, just much lighter in color than the others.
  • An old t-shirt worked great for wrapping the ties around the eggs. The softness of the material made it easy to wrap, as opposed to using a sheet or tablecloth that may be stiffer.
  • If you like the outcome as much as I did and enjoy the process, be sure to dry and save your silk material and outer cloth pieces for next year. You can reuse them!
  • As much as I love those perfectly amazing brown eggs from the farmers’ market, white eggs are best for this project. You’ll get to see that vivid color transfer to the white egg.

I’m sorry we didn’t master the egg dying until now. If you don’t feel like it’s too late to dye some eggs, go ahead and give this technique a try. What is so cool is that each and every tie will give you something different: a new pattern and new colors. Kids will love to pick out tie patterns with you and help with wrapping the eggs. No need for dipping eggs in messy dye. I was honestly going out of my mind waiting on my little egg babies to cool so I could unwrap them from their cocoon. Too exciting!

Happy Easter to our lovely readers!

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