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13 Mar

Looking for a product that is a good scrub-a-dub for just about anything? I thought it was about time to share one of my favorite liquid soaps with you.  I love when a product is multi-purpose…more bang for the buck! Did I mention it’s eco-friendly too? Maybe you’ll want to give it a try for your Sunday tidy session.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are a must-have product in any household. Whether you are just looking for a fantastic soap, a versatile product, or a company whose mission is to preserve this beautiful place we live-Dr. Bronner’s products are calling your name.

Founder, Emanuel Bronner, came from a German-Jewish soapmaking background dating back to 1858. As a third generation master soapmaker he brought his pure, high quality soap formula and dream to the U.S. and started Dr. Bronner’s Soaps in 1948. This company has been thriving since. How could it not with such care and integrity put into every product they have created?! This company continues to remain transparent in the creation of their USDA organic and certified fair trade products, all while voicing their message of world and cultural unity. Profits are shared with note worthy causes and charities worldwide.

I remember the first time I saw Dr. Bronner products. I was walking through the co-op in Stevens Point and saw the Pure-Castile Soap bottle and had to take a look at all the words and writing on it. I thought it was a “co-op thing”, but then started seeing it at regular grocery stores, REI, and even Target. I realized I wasn’t the only one that had discovered the soap secret!

We usually keep a couple bottles of the Pure-Castile Soap in the shower for variety. They suds up so well into a rich velvety lather-no worries, it’s the coconut oil that causes this reaction. You won’t find any sodium lauryl sulfates floating around in these bubbles!

This soap is seriously MULTI-PURPOSE: you can use it for house cleaning, laundry detergent, facial spa treatments, body wash, hair wash, dog wash (Kai smells so fresh after a lavender wash – her hair feels so clean and fluffy), car wash (you won’t feel bad about these eco-friendly suds washing into the grass), even tooth “paste” and mouth wash! This list could go on…but I think you get the point!

I have tried a few of their other products, including their Lavender Coconut Lotion and Lip Balm. All of which have held up to the quality of their liquid castile soap.  I’m looking forward to trying their hair conditioner. I’ll report back to you!

I hope you are able to try one or all of these amazing products. I have found them to be a great addition to our household. You’ll feel good using a product that is good for you, good for the earth, all while supporting a company with a good cause.

Any Dr. Bronner products on your shelf?

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