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9 Jul

So I’m still obsessing about my breast milk supply. If you read my post in May about my recipe for lactation cookies, you know I’ve been working on this. Things have improved slightly, but not to where I know I’ll be able to make it through for the next one month and 12 days until Lyla’s first birthday. Plus, we’ll need breast milk past the 12 month mark in order to transition her to cow’s milk. Don’t get me wrong: I am, without a doubt, so very thankful that I have been able to breast feed Lyla this long. I’m just hoping to make it a bit longer without having to make her little tummy adjust to formula before we transition her to cow’s milk. I will miss nursing my little pickle each day, but I am Counting. The. Days….

I’ve actually gotten to the point now where I nurse Lyla when she wakes up in the morning and then I pump for the rest of the day. Starting about two weeks ago, Lyla has been refusing to latch on later in the day because my supply is lowest then. Instead of fight a crying and hungry babe AND have to follow up with a bottle to top her off, I’ve decided to pump for all other feedings except in the morning. It’s actually been working great and I think it’s helped my milk supply a bit. Less stressful for me and less stressful for Lyla. On days I’m not working, I try to pump every two hours in order to keep my supply going. During the work day, it’s about every 3 hours. Another plus with this arrangement is that Lyla has gotten optimal practice time with her sippy cup, which she wasn’t a big fan of up until recently. Now we have a little pro on our hands.

My main reason for this post was to mention a fabulous book I picked up recently called Parents Need to Eat Too by Debbie Koenig. Debbie is the creator of the blog Words to Eat By – a really great blog to check out if you haven’t already and author of this much needed book for the parenting world. A collection of recipes to make during naptime, for those who can’t cook, and meals you can eat with one hand? Love it! It is packed with amazing looking recipes and is a delight to read: Debbie is funny, very honest, and provides great information. The delicious looking recipes sprinkled in are always a plus.

What drew me to her book was the section on galactagogues. Excuse me, what? Oh. Yeah. Galactagogues are things that promote the production and flow of breast milk. Galactagogues? Give it to me. Give them all to me. I wish I could fit every single food that is considered a galactagogue into one meal. A list of these include: oatmeal, almonds, raspberry leaf, barley, dried fruit, ginger, blackstrap molasses, and many others. But really, Debbie’s chapter on this topic is excellent. We already have the ingredients in our kitchen to make her Beef, Beer, and Barley Stew and the Curried Lentil Soup this week. You’ll have to pick up her book to check the recipes out, but what is great about them is that the ingredients and recipes do not scream “HEY! We’re eating a meal tonight that is supposed to increase my breast milk supply! Dig in!” You could easily serve these meals to your whole family or even to guests.

I made one of Debbie’s versions of Fruit-Infused Barley Water yesterday and I’m a huge, huge fan. Doesn’t this look delightful? I had Nic take a sip and he liked it too. I have also been eating Galactic Granola Squares for breakfast yesterday and today. Yum. I haven’t taken a picture of them yet, but I will post it to facebook when I do…

Parents Need to Eat Too is perfect for all new parents looking to get back in the kitchen, whether they have a lactation problem or not. Heck, this book is great for anyone looking for healthy recipes! Another bonus: many of the recipes are designed with new eaters in mind. You can whip the recipe up for the adults in the family and serve some to the young bucks at the table as well.

Gotta love new ideas to keep this breast milk flowing and the family nourished! Oh, and cheers to barley water!

Any cookbooks that were helping to you as a new parent with a busy schedule?

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