Tulips in October? | Whole Green Love

12 Oct

I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been having and took on my tulip project. I had purchased three bags of lovely tulip bulbs in magenta, white, and yellow. They were on sale and I wanted to try my hand at my first bulb planting experiment. How exciting to put a little work into the soil now and then when spring comes, you can watch your little flowers pop out of the soil!

I picked a nice rectangular plot on the side of our house. It gets partial sun, which is supposed to be great for these guys. I needed to get the soil turned up so that I could get planting…this proved to be a task! The soil was so hard I couldn’t even get the shovel in the ground. A little hose action did the trick…that added moisture to the soil and loosened it up just enough for me to be able to shovel in and turn the soil. All I can say is I probably looked ridiculous hopping on that shovel – but it worked, and my soil was ready for the bulbs!

The size of the bulb will determine how deep in the soil it should be planted. The bigger the bulb, the deeper the hole. My bulb package said to plant them about six inches deep and six inches apart. I decided to be a little spontaneous and mixed all my blubs together. I can’t wait to see how the color combination turns out in spring! After all my bulbs were safely tucked into the soil, pointy side up, I sprinkled some left over organic potting soil on the flowerbed. I figured I wouldn’t let it go to waste over the winter and it would help feed my flower babies.

To get the flowerbed ready for winter, I started by placing some leaves on top of the soil. You can also use pine needles or mulch to help keep the bed warm during the cold winter months. We are going to be picking up some pine needles from a friend’s house to add that extra warmth. I also want to try to squirrel proof the flowerbed so my bulbs don’t become their next meal! I have been told and read that human hair scent can help keep them away. I’ll be using the hair from my brush to shield those sneaky little devils from my tasty bulbs.

You can plant bulbs all the way up to the first frost…so go ahead and take charge of your yard! There are so many colors and varieties of bulbs out there, your options are endless!

Have you done any fall planting?

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