Is Your Humidifier Making You Sick?

20 Feb

Is your humidifier making you sick? |

We are addicts to our humidifiers in the winter. The air indoors in Wisconsin is so flipping dry in the winter. As soon as November hits and the temps drop, our humidifiers are cranked.

But not too high.

I wrote a post a while back about how using a humidifier can be helpful in maintaining your overall health. You can read this post here.

There is a problem with too much humidity. What does that mean, you ask? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Do you get condensation on your windows when you use your humidifier?

Is there mold growing on your windowsills?

Does it feel a bit like a jungle when you enter a room you are using a humidifier in?

Do people in your home experience recurring colds?

Too much humidity can cause mold growth and increases dust mite growth. Both of these problems can lead to allergies and breathing irritations.

Here are some helpful tips to use a humidifier properly in the winter, in order to aid in staying healthy

  • Monitor the humidity level and make sure it stays below 50%.
  • Open windows periodically to let in fresh, dry air.
  • Strictly follow the cleaning instructions included with your humidifier. It may seem excessive and time consuming. But ain’t nobody got time for a sick household and doctor visits.
  • Use distilled water to cut down on mineral buildup, which can lead to increased bacteria growth.
  • Another benefit of using distilled water is that you avoid minerals getting into the air, which can make their way into your child’s (or your!) lungs.

My fingers are crossed that this winter weather and humidifier season ends quickly! Until then, pull out the vinegar and keep those humidifiers clean!

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