Seed Ordering Frenzy! | Whole Green Love

28 Feb

So I went a little crazy this weekend ordering my seed packets. In all, I purchased 22 packets. If you’ve seen our yard and garden space, you would probably suggest that we expand a bit before we try cramming 22 varieties of veggies and herbs into the space. Well, that is exactly what we’re doing. My husband volunteered to build another bed or two in the backyard, so I only felt it was right to go overboard with the seed purchasing. Gotta have options, right?

In past years, I’ve always just picked up some seed packets from a local store, like Menards. This year, after reading an article about ordering from a seed catalogue, I thought I’d check it out since undoubtedly there would be a little bit of a better selection. Boy, am I glad I explored the world of seeds! I went to the Totally Tomatoes and Territorial Seed Company websites and requested free catalogues. This weekend, I sat down with a nice cup of tea on Saturday morning and planned out my garden for the summer.

Here we go…

For our main garden, which is an 8×16 raised bed plot, I picked out Jersey Knight asparagus (this will be a new veggie to our garden!), Nash green beans, Baltimore carrots, Victoria lettuce, Golden Star yellow peppers, and Wonder Bell green/red peppers. I also ordered Merida carrots which are an overwinter carrot. These seeds are planted in September or early October, grow through the winter, and are harvested from May through June. No need to wait all summer for another batch of carrots. These little guys will be waiting for us when spring rolls around next year. Sweet!

In a separate area, Nic is going to build a mounded garden with trellises to provide some climbing space for some beautiful gourds for fall decorating(Autumn Wings – Medium) and for the Diamant cucumbers that my husband is anxious to pickle! Gotta love those little dill pickles!

Additionally, my hubs is going to build another raised bed just for tomatoes. I went a little nuts and found six different tomato varieties that I just HAD to have. I ordered two types of cherry tomatoes, Isis Candy and Lemon Drop (these little babies are yellow!). Then I thought I’d need two types of tomatoes that are known for producing good sauce. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we did not make enough spaghetti sauce to get us through the winter. That is not okay. So, we’ll have 2 plants producing just for our sauce (San Marzano and Amish Paste). Lastly, I ordered two types of tomatoes that looked great for sandwiches, tomato mozzarella salad, eating like an apple with a little salt, etc. – Italian Goliath and First Ladies.

Now onto the pots. Since I know I went way overboard in buying seeds this year, I will be potting some of these bad boys. And that’s just fine with me. I’ll buy some pretty pots and spruce up our back patio! I ordered seeds to grown mini peppers called Cayenne Blend – for a bit of spice! The picture of them showed gorgeous red, yellow, green, and purple peppers. Great pop of color for the patio! Nic is a big fan of banana peppers and they are great to add as a pizza topping and to Bloody Mary’s – yum…so I found a type of banana pepper called Boris. For our herbs, I want to buy a long narrow table to put against the house on the patio and line it with pots. They’ll add a great fragrance and visual treat while we’re sitting out there grilling and hanging out. I chose Mammoth Sweet basil, chives, spearmint, sage, and thyme. I’m thinking I might need to add some cilantro to the mix because our tomatoes will be begging to be made into some salsa when they are red and ready!

Disclaimer: While I’ve enjoyed our last two years of gardening, I do not in any way consider myself an expert! I chose these seeds for what I thought would work best for us from the descriptions I read in the catalogues. I’m super excited to see how this year differs from my random seed purchases in the past!

Who else out there special orders their seeds? Do you have any favorite varieties?

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