Orange Biscuits with Honey Butter | Whole Green Love

3 Apr

Looking for a great little snack recipe, or something to go perfect with your favorite cup of tea? How about something to add to your brunch repertoire? This recipe idea popped into my head a few weeks ago when I was whipping up a tasty Chicken Stew and Biscuit recipe for dinner.  I’ll admit…I’ve never been a big bread or biscuit maker. Recipes can seem tedious or too labor intensive and I just end up purchasing my carbs ready made from the grocery store, bakery, farmers markets, you name it.  As I was noticing how easy the biscuits from the stew recipe were to make, I thought these would be awesome if they were just a tad sweet and were served with whipped honey butter.

So often I think we trick ourselves into thinking something, such as biscuit making, is harder than it really is, so we end up never testing the waters and making them. I’m telling you now they are EASY!  I say this with this recipe in mind. I’m sure there are much more difficult carb recipes out there, but this is a great starter one. I’m ready and brave enough to get my hands kneading some bread dough! I’ll save that for another day though. In the meantime, you should pull out your mixing bowl and square cake pan because these little guys are going to be calling your name!

All I did was doctor up the biscuit recipe from Ina Garten’s Chicken Stew and Biscuit recipe. I know Laura and I have said this before, but when you are cooking or baking at home you can let your creativity go wild in the ingredients department. Turning an old recipe into something new and delicious. I hope you are able to whip these up soon. They are quick, easy, and delicately flavorful. Mmmm!

I used the exact same proportions of ingredients from the biscuit recipe, but instead of the fresh chopped parsley I used a heaping tablespoon of fresh orange zest and I gave a good squeeze of the fresh juice right into my kitchen aid mixer. As a note, you can use a hand held mixer too.

I lined my square cake pan with parchment paper, but I think you could just as easily grease it if you don’t have the paper. If you don’t want your biscuits to be touching you can also put them on a bake sheet too, so they bake up without running into each other. I decided to keep mine cozy and close. My pan fit nine biscuits, so I just used my left over dough and made an extra large biscuit and cooked it in a pan below the others. 

While they were cooking away, I mixed 1 stick of room temperature unsalted butter with a squeeze of fresh orange juice and a tablespoon of honey. I whipped it up until it was all incorporated and creamy. After about 30 minutes my biscuits were looking golden brown and I pulled those little guys right on out of the oven. I served them with a dollop of the freshly made honey butter. You will love the light, fruity, honey filled flavor. Just enough to get the taste buds singing!

Has anyone else been leery of making their own carb products before? What goodies have you added to your biscuit recipes?

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