Lazy Person’s Pizza | Whole Green Love

3 Mar

I was the laziest person alive today. I went to work, chose not to work out, and then I had the WHOLE night to myself. Perfect night to whip up a tasty meal in the kitchen, right? Wrong. What did I do? I plopped down on the couch. This isn’t like me, but my body needed a timeout! I was so lazy that I even thought about going hungry so I didn’t have to get up and move. Ugh. That kind of night.

Instead of completely giving into the beckoning of my couch, I decided to at least get up for a bit and make myself a decent dinner. Pizza sounded good, but it just didn’t feel like a “from scratch” night. So I pulled a pre-made cheese pizza out of the freezer and decided to customize it with the veggies and toppings I had in the house to make it my own. It’s a quick option if you don’t feel like making a pizza dough (which really isn’t hard!) and defrosting your homemade sauce.

Tonight, I added chopped up red pepper, minced garlic, black olives, and canned mushrooms. It’s just what I happened to have in the house. For impromptu pizza sessions like this, take a quick look around your kitchen. You probably already have the makings for a pizza with toppings you’ll enjoy! Look around for onions, canned artichokes, stray veggies in your fridge that need to be used up, spices like oregano or basil, meat leftover from a meal earlier in the week, spinach leaves…so many options! I always check the canned veggie aisle for cans of artichokes, olives, and mushrooms to go on sale and then stock up for nights like this.

Is this the healthiest meal or pizza in the world? No. But it will provide you with a semi home cooked meal with a bit of veg for your bod. I’m a huge fan of cooking from scratch, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.

Okay. Gotta go…my couch is calling…

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