Dust Bunny Destruction | Whole Green Love

29 Sep

Keeping the floors clean in your home can be a full time job! Besides our living room, we have all hard wood floors, so there is no where for the little dust bunnies to hide from me! When we moved into our home, half of the house had hard wood floors and the other half had scary, old carpet and vinyl flooring. So we had hard wood floors installed in the dining room, office, foyer, and kitchen. I know, not the most environmentally friendly move on our part (some trees were chopped for this floor), but after A LOT of research and thinking about our lifestyle, budget, and home resale, it was the decision we made. My first question to the people who installed our floors was, “How do I clean these babies?” And instead of pushing an expensive commercial cleaning product, they insisted we use only vinegar and water to clean our floors. Apparently, vinegar does a better job than commercial cleaning products on the market to really clean the floor and keep it shining like new. Fine by me! It doesn’t get much easier, cheaper, or more natural than that!

Vinegar is a true miracle worker when it comes to cleaning in the home! We will share many more ways you can use it to keep your house sparkling clean. Due to it’s level of acidity, vinegar the perfect cleaning potion to kill mold, germs, and bacteria. To clean your hard wood floors, the recommended cleaning ratio we were given is 1 cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water. My hard wood floors have never been shinier! Vinegar also works as a great odor eliminator, so as your clean floors are drying, any stinky smells in your home are being destroyed! Be sure to not get your floors too wet, as this can damage the finish of the floor. To get the perfect wetness to clean the floor, I bought a mop from Menards that has removable covers (the fabric is towel-like) that you can dunk in the vinegar/water mixture, ring out, and put on the mop. I just throw them in with the laundry when I’m done cleaning. With using vinegar, I don’t have to worry about icky chemicals getting in with my laundry and I don’t create any trash because I’m avoiding disposable mop heads. I use the same vinegar/water mixture to clean the vinyl flooring in our bathrooms. It keeps the cleaning process in our house super simple when I only need one product for all floors. Disclaimer: always test a small hidden spot on your floor when trying a new cleaning technique!

I also keep a spray bottle on hand with the same vinegar/water mixture for little spills and messes around the house. Instead of having to whip up a batch, I have it ready to go in a spray bottle. It works great in the event of a yucky pet accident too! But our little dog Max never makes messes…

With this simple and natural cleaning solution for my floors, I don’t have to worry about Max licking the floor, playing the five second rule in the kitchen, or running around with bare feet. With vinegar, it’s all good!

What types of easy and natural cleaning solutions do you use in the home?

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