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6 Apr

Looks like we’ve had a surge of working in the kitchen this month based on the recipes we’ve been posting lately. Why do we keep going back to Food Network? Because their recipes are so dang good. To be honest, my goal with this recipe was to get rid of a bunch of rhubarb I had frozen. It’s time to clear out the freezer to get ready for the extras that will come from the garden this summer. So I did a quick search on Food Network’s website and came up with this lovely treat.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp with Walnut Crumb Topping

This recipe is a dessert. Fact. You can still benefit your bod with some nutrients from this recipe from the strawberries, rhubarb, and walnuts. Also a fact. Strawberries offer a load of goodies, just like most berries. The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that the eight types of strawberries that they studied were able to significantly inhibit the growth of human liver cancer cells. They have 3 grams of fiber for each cup and also contain potassium and vitamin C. Rhubarb (which is actually a veggie!) will give your bod a needed dose of fiber and vitamin C. We can’t forget about the walnuts. The best part about walnuts is their great source of omega-3s, but they also contain protein, fiber, calcium, and manganese. Refer to the 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth for more info about walnuts and strawberries. It’s a great super food reference book, if you’re looking for one!

Health is important, but so is taste. When I make this recipe again, I will chop the rhubarb into smaller pieces than the recipe calls for. I’m not always the biggest fan of rhubarb’s texture, but paired with the sweetness of stawberries, it’s a flavor combo that I can’t pass up. The smaller pieces of rhubarb will help with the sometimes stalky (did I just make up a word?) texture you can run into with the larger pieces. You can also hold back on some of the sugar, if you’d like. The strawberries add a good amount of sweetness and if you plan to top your crisp with a bit of vanilla bean ice cream (shown here!), you’ll have plenty of sugar in your bowl.

So I accomplished two goals tonight. I continued to clean out the packed freezer and I enjoyed a scrumptously tasty treat with my hubby. Mission accomplished.

What do you make with rhubarb?

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