How to Render Tallow in a Slow Cooker

27 Nov

I thought the butcher gave us a bag of brains when we picked up our quarter cow last month. Everything was packaged and wrapped in white paper, and very nicely labeled. And then there was this clear plastic bag of what seriously looked like a brain. As I started to dig deep and pull my knowledge up from the depths of my college anatomy class, Nic blurts out, “That’s a bag of fat.” A big bag of beautiful tallow!

How to Render Tallow in a Slow Cooker |

Well, actually it wasn’t tallow yet. What I had was a big bag of suet, the interior fat tissue of the cow. To get good use out of suet, you first need to gently heat it to remove the fat from the rest of the tissue. This heating and separation process is called “rendering”.

How to Render Tallow in a Slow Cooker |


How to Render Tallow in a Slow Cooker |

Rendered tallow can be used for many things, including high heat cooking (just like butter and lard) and in beauty products. It’s an excellent remedy for eczema! Click here to get my recipe for Deep Moisturizing Body Salve made with tallow. I recently made a new batch that spreads on your skin more like lotion. I just increased the amount of olive oil in the recipe to make it more spreadable. My skin feels ah-MAH-zing. (Happy Endings, anyone?)

Happy tallow rendering!

What types of things do you cook in tallow?

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