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30 Apr

We are still alive, I promise! I’ve been packing way too many things into my life. Between taking a cooking class, a child language class, our group Bible study group getting together, and focusing on family time, it’s been busy the last couple of weeks. Joanna is finishing up school this semester and working at the same time, so between the two of us with overloaded schedules, the blog has been neglected. Sorry about that, folks.

Way back, sometime this winter, I posted on WGL’s facebook wall that Nic and I were purchasing some old windows off of Craigslist. I feel like we got a pretty sweet deal on them, $10 per window frame. Of course, it was Pinterest that gave me ideas to turn them into something to hang in our foyer. We have a BIG empty wall in there.

Since we had Lyla last August, our super ambitious project timelines haven’t come to a total screeching halt, but we have been tapping the breaks, for sure. Fitting in projects during nap time just doesn’t always happen like I have planned out in my head. So that’s why I’ve been just looking at these windows in our basement for the last few months.

My goal was to use these window frames to display photos in our foyer area. I like the ability to change out the photos often. With our baby girl growing like a weed and our extended families multiplying by the day it seems, I like to keep our photo displays flexible. I posted recently about the use of bulletin boards in our house to do just that.

If you’ve visited our house, you know that I like white trim. It’s crisp, clean, and seems to look fabulous next to most any color of wall paint. When we moved into our house, the trim was natural wood. It was in need of a little TLC, so our options were to re-finish it or paint it white. Guess what I chose? All baseboards and window frames are now white. White baseboards also serve as a great reminder that they need dusting…often!

So, I loved when I found these windows on Craigslist and they were painted white on one side and were finished wood on the other. That way I could bring them home and decide which side looked best hanging from the wall.

As you can see from the photos, I chose to hang the white side facing out. To get them prepped to be hung indoors, I gave them a quick wash off with the hose to get rid of any dust and debris. After letting them dry in our three season room for a few days, I did a little bit of sanding on the face of the window frames to give them a bit more of a distressed look. I love that the paint color underneath the white was a nice shade of earthy green – gives it some extra character. I also made sure to sand the edges to make them smooth and easy to handle. I’m not really into getting slivers, thanks. Then I vacuumed them off and used good ole water and vinegar to clean the panes. If I’m going to be hanging pictures in them, they need to be sparkly clean.

To hang these bad boys, we bought some eyelets heavy duty enough the hold the weight of the window frames. To add some additional detail, we used burlap rope to hang the frame from the eyelets and a nail in the wall. Nic found studs in the wall to make sure they were hung securely. As you can see, I haven’t dressed them up yet with pictures. I have seen some ideas where people use fabric behind some of the panes to add a pop of color, which I love. Or some string twine across the window and hang pictures from clothes pins or paint a pane with chalkboard paint. All lovely ideas.

I will plan to post updates when I have spruced these windows up a bit. For now, I’m just glad they are out of our basement and there is something filling that big wall space!

Have you done any repurposing in your house with old window frames?


January 2013 Update

I finally remembered to take a picture of what these window panes look like now that I added pictures to them! I decided to add old family photos to these panes, which I think turned out really nice.