Raw Cookie Dough Bites | Whole Green Love

18 May

There is nothing better than whipping up a delicious dessert on a weeknight. A typical weeknight dessert for us is left over bites from a dessert I made over the weekend or a handful of chocolate chips. So when Nic and I were having company over on Tuesday night, I wanted to make something sweet…and fun. But the real reason that I don’t bother with dessert recipes on weeknights is because our week is always overbooked and busy. When I do the grocery shopping, I never plan for dessert ingredients. The best recipes, as I always say, are recipes with ingredients I already have in the pantry or fridge. The other kinds of recipes I love are quick ones. So when I saw a recipe on Pinterest for Raw Cookie Dough Bites, I said, “Yes, please!” There is nothing I love more than eating cookie dough. I love cookie dough more than eating actual cookies, so you can imagine how pumped I was to see this recipe.

Click the link above to view the recipe for Raw Cookie Dough Bites which comes from A Dash of Compassion: a lovely blog, chock full of sweet and savory vegan recipes. While I don’t currently follow anything close to a vegan diet, I’ll be the first to say that this blog can be for anyone looking for recipe ideas. Plus, plant based diets rock. Cinnamon pecan truffles? Macadamia caramel? Raw raspberry lemon dreamcake? I think so!

My end product with this recipe did not actually turn out vegan. I used chocolate chips which contain dairy and I subbed honey in for the agave nectar. After a delightful taste of these little guys, I decided that the next time I make them I plan to run the nuts through the food processor (the Baby Bullet actually worked wonderfully for this!) and just stir in the oats. I love the texture of whole rolled oats and missed that a bit after they had been food processed.

To pump up the health factor on these babies, feel free to add some flax meal or wheat germ. Chia seeds might give these cookie bites a nice little crunch. You can be flexible with this recipe, which I love. If you have other nuts available at home, try swapping those for the almonds and pecans in this recipe. You could get really crazy and cut back on the chocolate chips and add some dried cherries or cranberries! If you do nothing to change this recipe, it’s absolutely delicious and packed full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Enjoy!