Lavender:Time to Relax | Whole Green Love

11 Feb

All of this garden talk from Laura’s post on Wednesday has me thinking about all the colors and SMELLS of the green season. Being in the middle of this cold, dreary, white, and gray color scheme, nothing lifts you up and into a nice warm and colorful place like the smell of earthy flowers. Don’t you just wish you could have that smell around you whenever you wanted it?  Essential oils can do just that!

Depending on what essential oil you are in the mood for it’s like having the “real” thing all tucked into a convenient little bottle that you can pull out when you are in the need for a little “refreshing”.  Because essential oil is extracted from the specific plant peppermint, it is going to smell like peppermint and lavender is going to smell like lavender. Some fake or artificially made scents can really get your nose saying “noooo!” One of the fake scents that gets me saying “ugh” is lilacs – too artificial and perfumey…like a stinky bathroom spray! I LOVE the way real lilacs smell – they bring me back to my childhood and summer with one whiff. I’m sure you all have scents that do the same for you. Depending on the essential oil they can pep you up or bring you to your inner zen.

Lavender is one of my favorite calming scents to have around. Lavender plants are great, but you only get that delicious smell when the flowers are in bloom. With essential oils though you are in business. You could have that scent around 365 days a year if you wanted! Lavender is known for its calming effect. It’s great to help you wind down after a long day or close your eyes for some restful zzz’s. I like to use it after a stressful day or if I feel like I have a headache coming on. It can smell kind of potent when you smell it right out of the bottle, but after you use it the smell dissipates into a lovely, warm, earthy, floral scent. I love it!

You may be wondering, how do you actually use it? Be creative!  You can put a little on a cotton ball and just take a few slow deep breaths in. You can mix a few drops of this liquid relaxation into plain non-scented lotion or carrier oil such as sesame seed, jojoba, or almond oil. Smooth this hydrating concoction onto your skin and enjoy the relaxation ride. When I’m in a real hurry I’ll even put a dabble of oil onto my finger and rub it under my nose…where ever I go lavender goes!

Give this fantastic essential oil a try or explore some of your favorite scents in their oil version. You can find them at most health stores or natural pharmacies. Get your nares a sniffin’! There’s a scent for every mood!

What kind of essential oils have you tried before?