January Link Love

8 Feb

Once each month, Joanna and I spend some time gathering together great blog posts and links that we saw the month prior from other real food bloggers. Consider these must reads we had to share! We also wanted to share a couple of photos from Sheets Studios. Very wintery and beautiful!


  • I always love seeing alternatives to conventional food and drink products, like this sports drink alternative. Just a few wonderful ingredients to replenish the body after a hard workout.
  • Interesting take on when it’s NOT okay to workout from Our Nourishing Roots. Your body doesn’t always thank you when you exercise…
  • There is so much out there about how cough medicine just doesn’t work, or is harmful to your child’s health. This post from kids+love+acupuncture talks about tried and true cough relieving home remedies.
  • I want to be a “weird goat person” like Danelle from Weed ‘Em & Reap and raise goats! We fed goat’s milk to Lyla when we were transitioning her off of breast milk, so this is interesting to me. I know we all don’t have the desire or the outdoor space for raising milking goats, but I thought this post was pretty cool. Nic and I talk all the time about our next home being on a small property where we can raise some animals…still close to city life. This gets me excited.
  • I’m a little obsessed with coconut oil, so when I learn about new uses for coconut oil from Empowered Sustenance that I haven’t tried before, I got pretty pumped.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep sounds pretty basic, but Actual Organics offers some good reminders about the importance of restful sleep and how to create a tranquil environment.
  • We like homemade anything around here. I love this non-toxic version of homemade air freshener from Thank Your Body.
  • Looking to get into brewing your own kombucha? This post from Real Food Forager is a great place to start.


Find anything new recently in the real food and wellness world you want to share?

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3 Responses to “January Link Love”

  1. Brittney @ Brittney Breathing February 10, 2013 at 2:23 pm #

    I tried using coconut on my scalp to make it less dry (dang Wisconsin winters) but I either didn’t do it correctly or it doesn’t work. I’ll definitely check out those other uses though!

    • WholeGreenLove February 10, 2013 at 4:39 pm #

      Dang! I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work! Did it make your hair greasy or just not help at all with the dryness? You are referring to the post from Empowered Sustenance, right? Maybe you could email Lauren and see how she did it?

  2. Robin February 8, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    Thanks for sharing my post on how to treat cough naturally! Much appreciated!

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