From Water Bottle to…Tablecloth? | Whole Green Love

20 Oct

Our dining room tablecloth is made out of over 37 recycled plastic water bottles. That’s right. All of those disposable water bottles that are burned through on a daily basis (and typically only used ONCE!) can be recycled into beautiful tablecloths!

According to an article from the Chicago Sun-Times, water bottle consumers only recycle one in every five bottles they drink. Isn’t that crazy? Think of how much more could be recycled and reused! Just another reason to buy each member of your household a reusable stainless steal water bottle (like Klean Kanteen, my personal favorite!). But let’s not get sidetracked here…

On a recent trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I stumbled upon the Evolution tablecloth (cloth napkins are also available), which is made from plastic bottles that have been cleaned, crushed, and transformed into a polyester yarn to be used to create my lovely tablecloth. You know how you are sometimes limited to a smaller variety of color options with certain eco-friendly products? Not so with Evolution’s choices. I found a tablecloth to perfectly fit in with our dining room décor.

So why not spruce up your home, dress up your dining room table, and save a whole bunch of plastic bottles from being banished to a landfill forever. The next time you need cloth napkins or tablecloths, consider purchasing one made from plastic bottles. It’s also a great way to start a dinner table conversation. “Oh, I love this tablecloth!” “Thanks! It’s made from plastic bottles. Just saving the world one dinner party at a time…”