Dry Cleaning: Discover a Greener Clean | Whole Green Love

20 Jun

We were a little late on the spring cleaning this year. And I guess I tend to do a year long cleansing of the house when I get time here and there. Who has the time to actually do a deep spring cleaning of the entire house in one fell swoop anyhow? Not me. So a few weekends ago I tore apart the bedrooms and did a serious cleaning of pretty much all of the fabric in each room. I washed curtains, sheets, duvet covers, mattress pads, and took the special little vacuum attachment thingy to clean anything else, like throw pillows and the bed skirt. I probably could have washed the bed skirt, but the thought of ironing that bad boy sounded awful at the time.

One thing I didn’t want to wash in our own washing machine was the pillow top we have on the mattress in our bedroom. We have a large wash machine, but even our washer couldn’t fit our queen size pillow top. Plus, I was worried about how it would come out of the washer and if I would even be able to dry the thing without it getting lumpy and weird. Pillow tops are not cheap items and the last thing I need right now is to have to replace it because I messed it up trying to do a little spring cleaning. We have more important things to spend our money on…like bathroom renovations…

This was a job for the dry cleaners.

So I hit up the Google machine to find an eco-friendly dry cleaner in our area. What do you know? There is one right up the street from us!

Natural Cleaners is a certified Green Earth Dry Cleaner. They do not use the traditional perchloroethylene (known as “perc”) solvent which is petroleum based and is known as a hazardous air pollutant. It is considered by the EPA as something that is “known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects.” Not a good thing for workers at dry cleaning facilities or for those who frequently wear clothing cleaned at a dry cleaner.

Instead of toxic chemicals, Natural Cleaners uses liquid silicone…it’s like a mineral bath for your clothes. Sounds nice, huh? I was thinking that I didn’t want our pillow top to be bathed in chemicals and for my family to sleep on something that was cleaned with a product that is considered an air toxin. Natural Cleaners and other dry cleaning facilities offering another options sounds like a better alternative to me.

We don’t have a lot of things dry cleaned. I actually avoid buying clothing that says “dry clean only” on the tag like the plague. Too much work. So I honestly don’t have a good idea on price comparison for conventional vs. a green dry cleaning company. I spent $45 getting our pillow top dry cleaned at Natural Cleaners. It’s for a queen sized bed and it’s pretty thick and fluffy. I called a conventional dry cleaning place and they could only give me a quote for what they called a mattress pad (our pillow top is much thicker than most mattress pads) and they said it would cost $30 to dry clean. My guess is they would have quoted me higher if they had seen this thing. From the research I did, it sounds like the eco-friendly dry cleaning facilities do cost more to run because of different equipment and products they use but some are able to avoid passing on those extra costs to their customers. Dry cleaning companies that aren’t using perc and use the biodegradable silicone product are paying less each month in toxic waste removal which balances out the cost. Click here to find a healthier dry cleaning option in your area.

Our pillow top came back from the dry cleaners clean, fluffy, and not smelling like a gross dry cleaning place. You know that smell, right? If I did have to pay a bit extra for a green kind of clean, it was worth it.